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All Things Ampersand

Jodi Ohl and the Power of Positivity in Art (and in Life!)

When I first met Jodi, two things stood out. The first was her energy and her drive. It seems she was doing a hundred things all at once – teaching, creating art, publishing a book, writing blog articles. The second – and perhaps more significant – was her demeanor. To quote a song by REM, Jodi is a “shiny, happy person.” Her confidence and joy exudes from every pore of her being.

That joy is reflected in her art. Whether she is painting whimsical houses, joyful birds or practicing her Zen painting style, there is a positivity and playfulness that is very evident. Continue Reading >>

Ampersand 101: Gessobord

Welcome to the second installment in our series of “101” articles about Ampersand Bords.  With many new artists beginning to use our panels, this back-to-basics series will help to introduce and distinguish between our different surfaces, as well as provide a refresher course to you Ampersand veterans. In this article, we are going to look at our most popular product – Gessobord. Continue Reading >>

Top Ten Reasons Artists Should Use Ampersand Panels

We had a recent question from an artist who is brand new to panel painting.  She wanted to know why she should paint on panels and specifically why should she use Ampersand products over other brands.

We hear this a lot. With canvas being the “norm” and a plethora of cheap panels available, why would you want to specifically use Ampersand panels for your art?

Below are the top ten reasons and advantages of painting on rigid panels – specifically well-prepared Ampersand “bords”.  Continue Reading >>

Hints and Tips for Getting the Perfect Watercolor Effects on Aquabord

Aquabord offers the artist the ability to do more on the surface and to create effects more easily than on other traditional surfaces. Aquabord is an archival panel with a unique clay coating which includes a tiny mineral that helps to dissipate the water and pigment throughout the painting. It can be used for other media as well but is very absorbent and is designed to work with water media. Continue Reading >>

The Many Colors of White with Karen Vernon

As an artist, I have enjoyed painting in the juicy, delightful medium of watercolor, enjoying the flow of the pigment as it passes across the surface. For decades I worked on paper as so many watercolorists do. But for the past 20 years I have worked on Ampersand’s Aquabord which allows me to do far more than I ever dreamed of doing on paper. Not only does it give me more luminous, vibrant color, but it allows me to present my works with no glass. I can create intimate, tiny pieces up to large 42” x 90” paintings. I can create pieces to be framed traditionally or to present cradled with no frame at all. Continue Reading >>