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Featured Artist: Scott Gellatly

Instructions for Applying Gamblin Oil Painting Ground to Hardbord

  • Thin the ground with approximately 5% Gamsol. The consistency should be similar to a heavy whipping cream.
  • Spread the ground thinly over the total area of the panel with a palette knofe or plastic trowel.
  • Using a short-nap roller, gently roll out the ground until it forms an even, consistent coating.
  • Allow the ground to dry overnight. Lightly sand if desired. Apply a second coat.
  • Begin your painting when the ground has dried thoroughly - 3-5 days in warn environments, 5-7 days in cool, damp environments.

To see more of Scott's work, visit his website: scottgellatly.com.

Visit the Gamblin Artist Colors website for a video presentation of this technique.

Scott Gellatly received his BFA in painting from the University of Oregon. He worked inart material retail and taught painting workshops and classes before becoming the Technical Advisor for Gamblin Artist Colors. His paintings are primarily plein-aire landscapes tha emphasize the uniqueness of the subject and the moment at which they were painted. Scott travels the nation speaking on the subjects of painting and painting conservation.