Featured artist: Andrea Pramuk


Andrea describes herself as an illuminator of surfaces, creating organic, drawing based abstractions. She states, "Painting feels as natural to me as breathing, allowing the light to determine the composition, the sense of space can be ethereal, airy and soft. Even though I use a simplistic subject matter and color palette, the ideas and spaces are complex and deep."

"I think of myself as a painter. I love art materials, painting and making pictures, always have. The most important thing as an artist is to do the work and do it every day. Ideas evolve more quickly and in order to master the craft, you have to practice, just as you would with a musical instrument, same thing, same kind of discipline."


Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Andrea received formal art training at LSU, Kansas City Art Institute, University of Texas, Austin, and the SACI program in Florence, Italy. While working on the development of her art, she worked other varied careers in the service industry, as a librarian, and finally in the art materials industry where at the Dick Blick store in Newton, CT, she discovered Ampersand Claybord. At the time, Claybord was the only surface produced by Ampersand and an exciting discovery for the creative, experimental Andrea. This multimedia surface was perfect and enticing.


Systems Unfold, 18x18, Ink and acrylic on Ampersand Claybord


People who have met Andrea describe her as a calm, relaxed personality. She is soft spoken, diplomatic, peaceful, and full of laughter. Her paintings seem to resonate these same characteristics, relaying a sense that all is well. It is said that her works add a bit of Zen to their environment. Some people who view Andrea’s work seem to think that she simply throws paint on the surface, something anyone can do, something easy. Others, however, get lost in the abstraction, the complexities and the systems. In these patterns and colors, the viewers find their own stories.


Media and Process

Andrea works primarily on Ampersand’s Claybord. She says, “Claybord is my favorite because it can be used in so many ways. There’s just nothing else like it. The clay coating is perfectly smooth, so it is fantastic for drawing and painting delicate lines. “She continued, “I also love Encausticbord , Aquabord, and the Primed Smooth Artist Panel.” She uses dye based pigments miscible with alcohol, pigmented inks miscible with water and acrylic paint. She works with her personally developed system that includes a carefully mixed color palette, paint pours and drawing. The evolution of the artwork happens sometimes as the panel is flat and other times on the easel. Upon completion, Andrea finishes her work with a system of varnishes to protect the work from ultraviolet light, abrasions, and airborne pollutants.



Andrea frames her smaller works in Ampersand Floaterframes. These allow her to offer a quality, easy, consistent framing for both the flat and cradled panels. For larger custom panels, she offers them as unframed cradled pieces or frames them in floater framed by Metropolitan Picture Frames.


36x72, Ink on Ampersand Claybord


Personal Vision

Andrea says, " I identify with artists where the lines of life and art tend to blur. I am fortunate to be able to paint almost every day, something I have not always been able to do." Inspirations and influence have many sources in Andrea's life. She suggests The War of Art by Steve Pressfield. She proudly acknowledges the influence made by her father, Edward Pramuk, Louisiana painter and Professor Emeritus, LSU. Beyond the impact made by her father, she credits Pat Steir, Remedios Varo, Alice Baber, Frida Kahlo, Helen Frankenthaler, and Georgia O’Keefe among others.


After a 20 year career in artist materials (As Marketing Director at Ampersand), Andrea continues the exploration of materials through her experimental and abstract work in mixed media. Home is in Austin, Texas, the one place that nurtures her holistic and universal approach to making art. To see more of Andrea's work, visit her website, Facebook, or Instagram.


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