Featured artist: Lynnette Shelley


Scolding Bird and Horse, 18x24, ink, acrylic, and Pysanky eggshell mosaic on Ampersand Aquabord


Pennsylvania artist, Lynnette Shelley's unusual and culturally charged artwork has won numerous awards and found its way into collections across the world. Her mixed media pieces are a conglomeration of her drawing passion and the collection of interests she has pulled from Celtic art, wildlife, archetypal symbology, and art nouveau. Lynnette explains, "I've been fascinated by artwork from native cultures from all around the world, and also by the folklore and mythology from those cultures. This was natural as when I was a child, Greek mythology and fairytales were some of my favorite reading material. So, my current style is an amalgam of things I have picked up over the years as well as my love for patterns and stylized shapes. These sort of all meld into the pictures I am creating now."

Nightflight, 14x11, ink and acrylic on Ampersand Aquabord


Lynnette's drawing has been the primary focus of her work, guiding her to mixed media and to find Aquabord, a toothy surface that grabs her drawing utensils. "I originally worked on paper and illustration board since I am heavily into drawing. However, as I developed my background splash techniques, I needed a sturdier surface and one that could absorb water well. I also wanted to be able to eliminate glass framing from the finished process as I did not want a barrier between the viewer and the artwork, not to mention the expense of custom glass frames. Doing some research online, I came across Ampersand Aquabord. This seemed to be the perfect solution for what I wanted to do. I picked some up several years ago and they have been a game changer in my artwork practice. I would say at this point 85 percent of my artworks are on Ampersand Panels. Usually Aquabord, though I have also used Gessobord and Hardbord as of late," she shares. Lynnette works with ink, acrylic, and sometimes unique materials like Pysanky eggshells. Her subjects, passions and media come together as a story all in one striking piece. To see more of Lynnette's work, visit her website and Instagram.

el pulpo
El Pulpo, 12x12, ink and acrylic on Ampersand Gessobord

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