Jennifer Redstreake Geary

Jennifer Redstreake Geary

Jennifer Redstreake Geary has been an artist since her wee young days back in New Mexico, where she grew up. You could say she was probably painting in the womb. Her parents were super supportive and encouraged her to "keep at it" and by the time she was in her 20s, she was doing what she loved professionally. Graphic designer/web developer by day - watercolor artist by night, Jennifer stays very busy creating and garnering inspiration from everyday things. She is most known for her Ball Jar series of which shows her techniques painting glass and the objects inside them. She is addicted to collecting Daniel Smith watercolors, Ampersand Aquabord, lots of brushes, and original art from her friends.

Licensing her art has been an excellent way for Jen to get her artwork out to the masses. Jen’s work can be found in Home Goods, WalMart Canada, and Wayfair (just to name a few).

Jennifer currently resides happily in Huntsville, Alabama with her partner in crime/muse, a cat named Tipper. She fuels her creativity with green chili and tankards of coffee.

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