Libby Kyer

Libby Kyer

"I believe humans are hard-wired to find order in chaos. So, my control-freak nature is a major tool in creating art that accurately reflects life’s diversity. I work in colored pencil, graphite, carbon, water media, ink, and computer. My favorite medium is dry pigment, including colors in wax, oil, and water mediums in colored pencils and bare sticks form. They are portable, archival, vibrant, inspiring, and so controllable! I take them with me wherever I go because the next exploration may be just around the corner."

Her artworks tell a story, and her new works are book illustrations and themed explorations of life around her.

Libby has worked as a free-lance artist in medical illustration, general illustration, fine art, art education, murals, supergraphics, book illustration, and graphic design for over 40 years. Her focus is on representational art, art education, and technique exploration.

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