Lisa Goesling

Lisa Goesling

Lisa Goesling microscopically examines nature and abstracts, creating hyper-detailed renderings of her observations on a nontraditional support, rather than the expected canvas or paper, she uses Ampersand Scratchbord, hardboards composed of Kaolin Clay covered in India ink. Exquisitely meticulous visions unfold while Lisa etches her designs with an X-ACTO knife into the black surface, images bursting forth from the white clay. She paints with colored inks at the end of the process adding extra luster and depth.

The passion for making art came early for Goesling. She began taking art classes at the School of the Art Institute Chicago at the age of twelve. Lisa worked in publishing, design, and advertising, giving herself permission to create art full time after a cancer diagnosis in 2006. Over the past decade she has won prestigious awards and fellowships, and her work has been requested for countless exhibitions throughout the country.

Lisa divides her time between three different sensibilities, all fueled by her desire to dig deeper.

Lisa’s Eco-Psychology creations (the study of emotional connections between humans and the natural world), have a loftier purpose than simply representing nature. An intimate bond forms between the viewer and her intricate art by bringing them into a world of infinite beauty. Those profound feelings of being transported into a flower remind us that we are forever entwined with the Earth.

Goesling’s Spontaneous Combustion drawings are filled with detailed textures and patterns that evolve into complex designs, creating a magical space for the viewer to get lost in.

Lisa’s Interaction series invites people to intermingle with these childlike characters, seeing themselves in their unique personalities. Interaction creates an environment for people to connect with one another.

Guggenheim Curator, Ylinka Barotto, selected Across The Board 2 for the 2019 BWAC WIDE OPEN 10 Exhibition. Alison Hokanson, Assistant Curator, of Metropolitan Museum of Art presented Lisa with the 2017 BLACK & WHITE Special Recognition Award for her piece, Uprooted 2, (BWAC). She recently completed solo exhibitions at the Union League Club of Chicago and Northwestern University’s Dittmar Gallery and was accepted into the prestigious 2018 Rockford Museum Biennial and the 2018 Evanston + Vicinity Biennial. Goesling was awarded an Artist Residency at The Studios of Key West in March/April 2017 and completed a two year Artist Residency at the Merchandise Mart of Chicago. Dominic Iacono, Director of Syracuse University Galleries awarded her Best of Show in the Less is More-Small Works Show at the Mitchell Gallery in Annapolis, MD. New York Art Critic, Jill Conner awarded both the Award of Excellence and Critic’s Choice Award in the 2013 Manhattan Arts International Competition. Her artwork, Inside of an Iris is on the front cover of New York Times Bestseller, Colum McCann’s novel, TransAtlantic, (European Release), winner of the 2015 D&AD Award of Excellence, London, England. Detail of a Grape Leaf appears on a variety of labels for Encendido Wine, Argentina.

The manufacturers of Scratchbord, Ampersand Art Supply, awarded her the 2013 Ampersand Art Material Award and purchased her art for their permanent collection. Lisa was featured on Sergio Gomez’ Art NXT Level Projects April 2016 Podcast and is one of their top five most downloaded podcasts.

Goesling’s art is in public and private collections worldwide. She is a member of The Arts Club of Chicago and represented by Vivid Art Gallery, Winnetka, Water Street Studios Collective, Batavia, and SAATCHI Art online.

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