Lisa Opielinski

Alabama native Lisa Opielinski is a professional artist with an undying passion for her chosen career, and she has been doing it for more than 30 years.

Unlike most other popular fine artists, Lisa O. is the product of neither a conventional university nor an art school education. Her knowledge was obtained through hands-on research and product experimentation; very much like a post-graduate student chasing a logical scientific hypothesis to prove to the world.

Opielinski makes her living by creating works of art in many mediums. These mediums include oil, acrylic, clay, precious metal gilding, watercolor, mixed media; and it stands to reason that she creates some media just for the application desired.

But that’s not all. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Opielinski’s abstract paintings is her multiple applications of her exclusive, innovative texture mediums. Even on her smallest abstract paintings, there are many layers of texture; making the work more interesting. The pieces are then clear coated for protection; making them "touchable art." Opielinski says, "Art is much more interesting when you can touch it."

When it comes to her art, Lisa O. is on the cutting-edge of creativity because her vision goes far beyond the brush and palette.

Opielinski’s art hangs in collections all over the world.

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