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New Artists in our Online Gallery

Ampersand has an online gallery now on Flickr, and a running slideshow playing in our blog of this work, too.  These are all works and events that have been created on Ampersand boards, in various media and styles by a range of artists.  Many of these artists have approached us with their work and shared how much they enjoy the panels.  And a few artists have been spotted via articles, online galleries or events that we’ve attended.

“Can It Happen?”, Nancy Wolitzer


In each case, we at Ampersand, have been honored to have gotten to know these artists and their work a little better.

This past month, several new artists have been added to the gallery.   A big thanks to them for using Ampersand and letting us share their work with you.

Nancy Wolitzer —
“I recently found out that one of my Claybord™ pieces was selected for inclusion in the Prince Street National Juried Show in New York City.”

“Bliss”, by Susan Wahlrab


Susan Wahlrab —
“I was just at my gallery and they were asking about your product. I told them how much I both enjoy and am challenged by learning a whole new way [to get what I want], by finding this new technique of working in watercolor on Claybord™”

“Earth Echoes”, Brian Sylvester


Brian Sylvester —
“This was done on an 18″x24″ Ampersand Gessobord™. I am normally a canvas painter, but I am completely hooked on your wood panels, and I’m not sure if I will ever go back to canvas.”

“Shooters”, Donna Slade


Donna Slade —
“Just about all of my colored pencil paintings are done on the Ampersand Pastelbord™ using all the different colors.”

“The Lover of Dawn”, Stephen Schrimpf


Stephen Schrimpf —
“First, let me tell you how much I love working on Ampersand Hardbord™. Years back while living in Dallas, I had to  manually construct hard surfaces which never reached the quality I expected. Then I moved Austin and was referred to Ampersand. This was truly a dream come true. In the last three years, I have been fully committed to my painting and your product has allowed me to explore new artistic techniques that I otherwise would never had discovered.”

“Snakesong”, Darick Ritter


Darick Ritter —
“Thank you for looking at my paintings/drawings on Ampersand Claybord™ and thank you for one of my favorite products to make art with.”

“Oltrarno”, Peter Prest


Peter Prest —
“Oltrarno” is a watercolor done on 18”x24” Gessobord™. I use both Gessobord™ and Aquabord™ for the majority of my work and have found your surfaces to be excellent for the watercolor medium.”

“It’s Not You, It’s Me”, Leslie Pierce


Leslie Pierce —
“As promised, here is a piece I did using your wonderful Ampersand products [oils on Gessobord™]”

“Vader”, Kip Omolade


Kip Omolade —
“The Ampersand Gessobord™ provides me a surface that allows photo-realistic oil technique and abstract design. The texture offers enough grit for both thick layers and thin glazes of oil paint. I also use the sides of the boards resulting in a three dimensional sculptural effect. The surface upon which an artist paints dictates the integrity of his or her vision. The Ampersand Gessobords are an immensely valuable starting point. Thank you for continuously providing quality materials for the artistic community.”

“Demando Cat”, Jeff Leedy


Jeff Leedy —
“My medium is seldom used and is oil pastel. I like this medium because I can draw on the Aquabord™ after toning the background, paint with that oil pastel, draw on top of that, use fixative, draw, paint, etc. I love the texture, it is great for oil pastel.”

“Hummingbirds in Garden”, Jessica R. Herrera


Jessica R. Herrera —
“I love your product. Your Scratchbord™ is wonderful!”

“Mottled”, Elizabeth Patterson


Elizabeth A. Patterson —
“My colored pencil piece, Mottled, has won second place in the still life category of The Artist’s Magazine’s 28th Annual Competition. It’s 16”x20” on Pastelbord™.”

“Crimson King”, Tre Dilday


Tre Dilday —
“I love your smooth Claybord™”

“Shadows”, Olga Dabrowska


Olga Dabrowska —
“As far as I know, I am the only person in Poland using your Scratchbord™ panels on constant basis. I will continue scratching as I simply got hooked on your product.”

“New World”, Jennifer Bain


Jennifer Bain —
“I think the product [Claybord™] is fantastic and I have spent a lot of time developing ways to utilize it’s qualities to the fullest and of course, still working on new ideas. I don’t think many artists realize what this unique surface can do.”

“Peach Petals”, Linda Aman


Linda Aman —
“I just finished teaching three Aquabord™ watercolor workshops this month two in Idaho and one in Oregon. I have attached a painting of mine, similar to what the art students painted. They were all excited and will be going out and buying this great product.”

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