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All Things Ampersand

Ampersand’s YouTube Channel

It is time to introduce you to our video channel, Ampersand Art Supply, on YouTube.  This channel is a collection of playlists of artists demonstrating different media and techniques using Ampersand panels and there are also a few demos from our President/CEO, Elaine Salazar.  We have just started uploading videos and more are in the works. In the meantime, these playlists should get you started on how to use Ampersand panels, or how to try them with a new or different medium. 

I have put together a list of channels from our retailers who share the latest in art materials and techniques. Some of those dealers also have great videos about using Ampersand panels. At the bottom of our channel is a list of some of our art material manufacturer friends, products that go hand in hand with Ampersand.

Browse, enjoy and send us your feedback. I would love to connect with you on YouTube as well, so if you have a channel where you’re sharing your work and how-tos on Ampersand, let me know!

This video below was made by Daniel Smith Watercolors; it is an intro to Aquabord™.” 

All things Ampersand, 
Karyn Meyer-Berthel 
Artist & Social Media Specialist
Ampersand Art Supply 
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