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Featured Artist: Denise Weston

“Chloe”, watercolor on Aquabord


The following story is from Denise Weston, a new Aquabord™ fan.  

“You took my order for some custom Aquabord panels a few weeks ago, and I wanted to get back to you with some great news!

I wanted to let you know that the very first painting I created on Ampersand Aquabord won an award!

I have been using watercolors for many years now and have always struggled with the difficulty of painting on paper – I lift color a lot, and even though I do it with minimal scrubbing, I could never get the paper back to pure white. Also, the paper in the places where I lifted paint would change texture, and even lose the texture, so that part of the painting looked “different” from the rest.

After trying Ampersand Aquabord, my experience with painting watercolor has gone to new heights altogether. Prior to last month, I have never won an award for watercolor before, even though I had entered several exhibits over the years.

I have attached an image of the painting, “Chloe”, which won the Honorable Mention Award at Southwest Washington Watercolor Society Fall Juried Exhibit last month. This exhibit was juried by Linda Aman, a nationally known watercolorist whose work frequently appears in national magazines.

“Picnic Spot”, paper mounted on panel


I have been creating art for about 40 years, and have tried just about every medium there is, both 2d and 3d. I have studied a lot and earned an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Oregon.  During this time, I have investigated the best materials for me to express my artistic vision.  My biggest challenge has been to find a medium that suits me, and reflects my style as well as my working method with my subject of choice.

After an absence of about 3 years, I returned to a wonderful watercolor group that paints and critiques together. There I heard about cradling watercolors from our mentor. He was attaching paintings on paper to the cradled boards. I went home, investigated the cradling concept and discovered Ampersand Aquabord online. I bought a piece at my local art store and painted Chloe’s portrait on it. I have never had such ease of painting and feeling of freedom, not to mention breathtaking results.

So often in the past, my watercolors turned out muddy looking because I wasn’t able to remove color sufficiently, and then would paint over it, and get mud.

Well, not anymore!  I feel like I am well and truly on a path that I have been trying to find for years! I would have felt that way even without the Award, but that was certainly a nice validation of my work.”

To see more of Denise’s work, check out her website:  deniseclarkweston.com

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