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Featured Artist: Lori Wolf Grillias

Andy’s Story

I have tried your other boards, but hands down, I find Claybord to be the most sensual surface I have ever painted on!!  The smell, the silky surface and the way, no matter how I lay those watercolors down, there are always unexpected surprises that arise.  I feed off of being in the moment, responding to the mediums and the physicality of the materials.  Other boards just don’t provide the variety that Claybord offers me.”  ~Lori Wolf Grillias

Class Management

California artist, Lori Wolf Grillias, is both a full time teacher and a full time artist, working her own art and magic primarily when she has teaching breaks.  Lori works full time in 4 elementary schools plus at the Children’s Creative Project and at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.   When she isn’t teaching, Lori works on Claybord, in mixed media.


Lori’s inspiration is the world around her, the physical surroundings, the people, history, dreams and thoughts.  Lori’s work is a reflective journal of her world that she carves out of what otherwise might be seen as an abstract piece.  She explains, “When I start a piece, and I usually work on 4-5 at a time, I use watercolors, wet on wet.  After several layers, I use acrylic and scrape it away, rather than using a brush.  For me, this technique gives me a much more irregular surface.  When the painting feels like it has been formed by natural forces, rather than made by the artist’s hand, I know I have reached the next step.  I use Caran ‘dache water-soluble wax pastels to draw into the piece, bringing figures, machines and structures into the forefront.  Once the narrative between all the figures ‘make sense’,  I go back to acrylic and define even further.  The materials are a HUGE part of this art adventure.”

Eagle Rising

Lori met Catherine Eaton at the young age of 12.  It was then that she knew she was an artist herself, meeting such a talented artist and wonderful person.  Lori shares, “She took the time to help me understand acrylic paint, how to use the tools the right way and dream big!”  Lori’s formal studies in college only heightened her passion, where she had encouraging professors and learned to find her own voice.  It is no wonder that Lori loves what she does as both an artist and instructor, having good teachers in her path.  

Lori will be showing at the Architectural Foundation in Santa Barbara in 2015, and 
this summer, Lori will be teaching a class on the versatility of Claybord at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art; you can find more of those details on their website.

To see more of Lori’s work and resume, refer to her website: loriwolfgrillias.com/home.

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2 comments on “Featured Artist: Lori Wolf Grillias”

  1. Thoroughly enjoy your art, Lori! So good to 'meet' you!! Lisa

  2. Avatar Unknown says:

    WoooHooooo……look who's rocking the art world now! So glad I crashed your studio and got that sneak peek. If I hadn't known it was in the works, I might have missed Open Studios and I certainly would've passed up the chance to get my hands on Classroom Management when I did….Oh yeah, that baby's all MINE! Congratulations Lori….So glad you're sharing your art with the world!

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