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Featured Artist: Linda Pearlman Karlsberg

Water Lilies XXIV, 16″ x 24″

“Really excellent materials are the tools artists rely on, and they can either enable and enhance the process, or in their absence, handicap one’s process” ~Linda Karlsberg

From an early age, Massachusetts artist, Linda Pearlman Karlsberg was passionate about drawing.  She began lessons in the third grade and had the amazing opportunity to study as a high schooler with the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Massachusetts College of Art.  Linda continued her studies in college, first working in a liberal arts program at a university so she could take both fine art and liberal arts.  However, Linda found the classes to be lacking, so she transferred to Boston University’s School for the Arts program. “It was so exciting right from the first class and semester; there was so much to learn and the professors were great both with hands on instruction and as mentors,” she explains.

October Dusk Pembroke, 14″ x 21″

It was in college where Linda made the choice to pursue oils, as her major was painting.  She found the masters’ works, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Caravaggio, and Sarget, compelling.  “I felt a drive to continue to work with this medium that they were able to create such magic with.  I wanted to try to achieve some mastery.  I think it is a challenge for a lifetime, to use the paint, to refine and develop my  mark making, brush strokes and application. I am still reaching for those aesthetic goals that those artists achieved and I see in their work,” she shares.  

Morning Larz Anderson, 16″ x 11.5″

With a commitment to working in oils, and a busy home life, Linda needed a painting surface that could fit her schedule and painting style.  Gessobord™ filled that hole.  “I discovered Ampersand many years ago when as a mother raising three children, I was searching for a painting surface. In addition to raising my kids, I worked with my husband to run our own professional photographic studio.  So the time I had to devote to my own artwork and painting was precious. I didn’t want to spend the limited hours stretching and gessoing canvasses as I had done previously; I just wanted to be able to go into my studio and get right to the painting. I always enjoyed smooth surfaces, both in the paper I used for drawing and in the canvas I chose.  When I discovered the Gessobords at Boston art stores, I was thrilled.  They were durable, well made, beautifully gessoed – a well finished paint-ready surface!  Later, I discovered that if my painting required a specific format, Ampersand would make panels to meet whatever dimension I needed.  Gessobords were readily available, consistent, fine quality and flexible in meeting my personal requirements,” she explains. 

Water Lilies XXII, 16″ x 24″

Linda’s work has garnered museums and galleries nationwide in addition to numerous awards and publication recognition, including The National Steinbeck Center Museum, Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, and Point Park University.  Linda will have work on display at the Whistler House Museum of Art and the Danforth Art Museum this summer.  Also, the summer issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly will feature her water lily paintings.  For more information on how you can see Linda’s work in person or online, visit her website.

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