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Featured Artist: Margaret Munz-Losch

Merkin-Song of Swans, 48″x 36″

Tennessee based artist Margaret Munz-Losch brings together the natural world and human identity, sometimes in an uneasy way to grab the viewers attention, but always in a beautifully rendered and designed finished piece.  Margaret honed her art skills on her own, learning to cultivate her attention to detail along with her vision for the unspoken pieces of life.  

Margaret works from her own photographs and reference material, creating a rough sketch first before drawing on panel.  Then she blocks in the work with tinted gesso or acrylic paint before using layers of oil based pencils and wax based colored pencils.  Her pieces take hundreds of hours, taking into consideration the grew detail and size of her work.

Black Cat, 30″ x 30″

Her choice of materials in combination is just as unique as her artistic perspective, bringing together acrylic and colored pencil on Gessobord.  Margaret came to find Ampersand through an art material catalogue and has created many of her works on custom sizes, unusual for a colored pencil artist.  She explains, Good materials are imperative when you want your work to be all it can be. There is no point in working against yourself especially when the work is so detailed and time consuming. There is beyond a world of difference between fine quality materials and poor quality. I can not stress it enough. Spending more on an Ampersand panel ultimately saves you time, money, and frustration.”  Gessobord is perfect for Margaret’s work, with a little tooth for her pencil and the ability to layer paint.  

Early Bird, 70″ x 30″

Margaret’s work is on exhibit right now at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans until August 23rd and then some of the pieces will go to the Texas Contemporary Art Fair in Houston in early September.  You can also read more about this exhibit and Margaret’s work on the Picayune Times website: Margaret Munz-losch sketches the Psychology of Childhood.

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