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Artist Panel Canvas Texture

Value Series Artist Panel™
• Acrylic gesso ground on MDF
• Medium canvas texture for optimum paint control
• Ampersand quality at an affordable price

Many Fine Art and Craft Uses:
• Ready to paint with oils, acrylics and mixed media
• Perfect for altered art, collage and found objects
• Simple to hang and frame
Do you want more control over your paint applications and brighter truer colors? Then try the Artist Panel™, a top quality MDF panel sealed with acid-free acrylic gesso with added canvas texture. 

Perfect with oil paints and acrylics, the ready-to-paint canvas-like texture gives artists all the advantages of painting on panel, but with the familiar feel of a fine linen or canvas. The durable rigid medium density fiberboard support makes the Artist Panel ideal for palette-knife painting and multi-media applications. 

Available in a 9mm panel with hanging slots on the back, a ¾” and a 1.5″ cradled profile. The cradle support frames are hand made using 1/2” birch plywood offering maximum stability and support.

If you work on Artist Panel, write to us and send us your art at:  gallery@ampersandart.com

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