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Featured Gallery Artist: Jan Lowe

Feeding Frenzy, Scratchbord with watercolor & ink, 2015

Melbourne artist, Jan Lowe shares the story of her Scratchbord work, Feeding Frenzy.
Feeding Frenzy is perhaps more appropriate to what was happening this day.  The bears were franticly searching for the honey berries hidden under logs and stones by the Rangers.  The Crows looked on for any leftovers.I wonder though if any of the crows end up on the meal table, the second bear looked pretty keen to explore this! This event was just amazing, a beautiful experience for all visitors, as the children were taken into the enclosure to place the food for the bears with help of the rangers – this is a unique experience that took part that Sunday.  What a great appreciation the children had, their faces lit up on their return to the parents anxiously waiting.”  

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