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Acrylic Image Transfers on Panel

Mixed media and collage work continue to push the boundaries of art, and experimentation is endless in this genre.  One of the more popular methods of utilizing imagery is by an image transfer, from either a photocopy or print.  There are several methods of doing such and most of them have been tried and tested by our friends at Golden Artist Colors.  

One of the easier and quicker methods of transferring is through a direct image transfer onto the substrate using an acrylic medium or gel.  Since Ampersand panels are smooth and flat, prints go on easily.  

Simply copy the image on a Xerox machine or through a laser printer.  Brush on a thin layer of the chosen gel or medium and press the image face down into the medium.  Place a layer of HDPE plastic over the image to prevent tearing.  Burnish the print evenly with a plastic scraper and wait a minute or two.  Begin removing the top layer of paper to check if the image has transferred.  Remove the rest of the paper with a fingertip and a bit of water by rubbing gently.  If needed, allow the image to sit a while longer and remove the rest of the paper when the image area has dried more.  The video below will show the process in detail, with instruction from Mike Townsend, a Golden Materials Applications Specialist and artist.

There are more methods of image transfer on the Golden website with acrylic products.  If you have a technique you’d like to share, comment here on our blog or join us on Facebook.

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