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Featured Artist: Cathy Weiss

“This oil painting, “Chobe Elephant”, on Gessobord, was my first with this media. I chose to work on a smooth board as opposed to linen for easier, smoother detail. It has worked out quite well and is now my preferred surface. After deciding on the composition and size in Photoshop, I draw directly on the board using an HB pencil. The drawing is sealed with a thin coat of acrylic, picking up a basic ground color of the subject. Then, I am ready to start with many layers of oils to complete the painting.” ~Cathy Weiss

Chobe Elephant, 24″ x 36″, oil on Gessobord

Washington artist, Cathy Weiss completed her formal training at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and went on to have a full career in Los Angelas as an illustrator and designer.  After years of creative work and raising a family, Cathy went on to find more meaningful work in her own wildlife painting.  Below is Cathy’s detailed and thoughtful process in using Gessobord for her work.

The Roller’s Cry, 24″ x 12″, oil on Gessbord

“I found Ampersand Gessobord™ on the Dick Blick art supply website. After seeing other artists using this medium I thought I would give it a try, as I was looking for a smoother surface than the linen canvas I was currently using. After my first painting on Gessobord I have not gone back to canvas. I much prefer the detail I can achieve on this smooth surface. I transfer my graphite drawing onto 1/8” Gessobord, and then fix the graphite with a thin layer of acrylic paint using a midtone of the painting color. I then proceed to paint at least 4 layers of oils to achieve the completed piece using Grumbacher Alkyd Painting Medium mixed with Winsor and Newton Artists’ Oil Colours.  

I am so pleased with the results of this surface as it takes the oils consistently letting me paint wet into wet if I need to blend colors or create soft edges. Drying time is consistent, too. Likewise, if I need a crisp edge I can achieve this easily. Whether these panels are kept flat or framed, I have never had a warping problem even at 24″x36″. I prefer this thin board as I can use almost any frame because the rabbit required is so small. Also, if I want the size adjusted, I have my carpenter cut the panels.”

Cathy has a show in Singapore from November 6-15 presented by Mandala Wildlife Arts with 36 international artists showing over 200 works; Cathy has three pieces in the exhibit.  To keep up with Cathy, you can find her blog, more of her work and process on her website: www.cathyweissfineart.com.

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  1. Good article! Love her work!

  2. Lovely pieces! Thanks for sharing your work and process.

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