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Five Ways to work on Hardbord™

John Mercado
Landscape Series by John Mercado, 6″ x 6″
There are numerous ways to use our boards that are unprimed.  Our museum grade unprimed panel is Hardbord™, a beautifully smooth surface finished with our without cradled edges.  For artists that want the satisfaction of finishing their own panels and the affordability of getting museum quality surfaces that are unfinished, then Hardbord is the best choice.  
Below are some of our favorite ways to work on Hardbord, but by all means there are many more.  Hardbord can be prepped to work with almost any medium, more resources on Hardbord here including instructions on sealing and priming.  If you’re concerned about making the right choice for a panel and preparing it correctly, just give us a buzz or an email.

1.  Mixed Media– Mixed media does extremely well on Hardbord; like the collage work of John Mercado, a Texas artist who recently exhibited with GenerousArt.org and is exhibiting later this month in Galveston, TX.  He seals the board first with Gamblin PVA size before applying pages from recycled books and painting and drawing.  

2.  Acrylic– Acrylic is so versatile as a medium and plays well with other media that it can be used easily on several of our boards, (Gessobord, Pastelbord, Claybord, Aquabord), with no prep whatsoever.  However, if you’d like to work on Hardbord, we recommend at least sealing and priming for a more stable surface.  

Scott Gellatly
work by Scott Gellatly

3.  Oil— With a little preparation, Hardbord is easy to seal and prime to accept oil paints, like the work of artist and technical director at Gamblin, Scott Gellatly. Or Hardbord takes well to the pressure of oil sticks, like some of the work of Aida Schneider.

4.  Mounting paper or canvas— Hardbord works well as a panel to mount paper, fabric or canvas with art already created or before painting.  It can be sealed and primed if needed, or just sealed before attaching work.  

5.  Encaustic– Hardbord is not quite absorbent enough to hold encaustic on its own; for solid adhesion, we recommend a sealer and then a coating of R+F Encaustic Ground.  

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Karyn Meyer-Berthel 
Artist & Social Media Specialist 
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