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Featured Artist: Patricia Isaac

Harbor at Peggy’s Cove, 13″ x 28″, oil pastel on Hardbord


Patricia Isaac
Sunkist, 12″ x 12″, oil pastel on Encausticbord

Patricia Isaac is a life long artist and taught for many years in Massachusetts before settling into work as a full time artist in her favorite medium: oil pastel.  She is a founding member of the Oil Pastel Society and nationally recognized for her work.  Patricia shares how she came to find Ampersand and why it is a favorite material for her work.

“I had been using sanded papers for my oil pastels and wanted a way not to have to mat them, so I gessoed some masonite, but really found the surface too rough. I purchased some Ampersand panels already gessoed while in an art store one day. I really liked the smoothness with just enough tooth, so I was hooked. I also received a sample of the Encausticbord™ when it came out. I loved the surface, but find I can only do small paintings on it as the larger sizes are cradeled. These are my 2 favorite surfaces. I blend my oil pastels and the smoother surfaces work. I use Sennelier, Holbein and Caran’Ache oil pastels exclusively, and I am able to build many layers on these surfaces. For a long time I was an oil painter, but when I found oil pastels I never looked back. For me they are the best of both worlds, drawing and painting.”

Patricia can be found online at her website and blog and her work at the ET Wright Building in Rockland, MA.

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3 comments on “Featured Artist: Patricia Isaac”

  1. Do frame as you would an oil painting?

  2. Do frame as you would an oil painting?

  3. Avatar halsart says:

    Yes you frame oil pastels under glass. I'll chip in for Pat.

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