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Honoring Scratchboard Artist Diana Lee

Diana Lee, internationally known scratchboard artist and dear friend to Ampersand passed last Wednesday evening.  She was surrounded by family and passed peacefully after a long struggle with many ailments, according to her adoring husband, Steve Bockman.

“Tiny Dancer” by Diana Lee, scratchbord


We are deeply thankful for the time we have had to get to know Diana and her work, to see her passion for Scratchbord, and to witness her involvement in teaching and the International Society of Scratchboard Artists. She raised the bar for scratch art and brought so much attention to the medium.  Her body of work is a testament to her great skill and stamina in pursuit of creating some of the most beautiful imagery and story through her art.

We wish much peace to Steve and family and send our deepest sympathy to the scratchboard family.

6 comments on “Honoring Scratchboard Artist Diana Lee”

  1. Avatar Virginia C. Benker says:

    I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Diana’s passing!
    Around eighteen years ago I learned about the art of scratchboard and became acquainted with Diana Lee
    via my computer. The reason I remember it was eighteen years ago because it was around the same time my beloved husband of 49 years passed away.
    We exchanged e-mails and discussed my interest in learning to do scratchboard art along with some friendly small talk. She was such an inspiration for me and so very kind to take the time to answer my questions.
    Although many years have passed and the business of being a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother took over, I still would check out her artwork online from time to time. When I saw she wrote a book on scratchboard drawing, I had to buy it!
    Although we never met, I felt like she was a friend!
    My prayers and deepest sympathy go out to her family…
    May God comfort them in the loss of their loved one!

    1. Avatar Dana Brown says:

      Hello, Yes, Diana was a force in the world of scratchboard but a wonderful friend as well. Thanks for sharing your connection to her and her artwork. She was a special person and we will miss her always. Thanks again, Dana Brown

  2. Avatar Jeffrey Groover says:

    Sorry to hear about Ms Lee. Did she create any oil paintings early in her career? I bought 3 Oil paintings about 35-40 years ago that are signed Diana Lee. They basically are fruit bowls.

    1. Avatar Dana Brown says:

      Hello Jeffrey, Yes, she did. Diana showed me some oil paintings of hers. I remember one in particular that was architectural with columns, if I recall. She was a wonderful artist and person.

  3. Avatar Gary Bockman says:

    I met Diana when she married my nephew Steve Bockman. It was my introduction to scratchboard snd she provided several to her new family members. One in particular was of a color board of my grandchildren. I put it in my office and fellow employees commented that it was a good photograph. I then had the opportunity to invite them for a close look and explain scratchboard. In our area scratchboard was an unknown art style.

    She was a generous artist, teacher and great relative.

    Aloss to our family and the art world.

    By the way, this is sent so late as I just discovered the original post.

  4. Avatar Dana Brown says:

    She was a wonderful person and friend. We really miss her so much. – Dana

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