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New Gessobord/FloaterFrame All-In-One Bundles

Just in Time for the Holidays!

Gessobord is the most trusted pre-gessoed wood panel and is the perfect art panel for all painting styles with oil paints, acrylics, and mixed media. Floaterframe is the only do-it-yourself frame specifically designed for wood panels. Put them both together and you have the perfect all-in-one kit for your next artistic masterpiece!

We have created these specially priced all-in-one bundles using two of our most popular sizes of 3/4″ Gessobord panels– 8″x10″ and 12″x12″. We have paired these up with two colors of Bold profile 7/8″ floaterframes – Black and Maple!

Every detail of our premium hardwood floaterframes has been designed and engineered to give you a simple, all-in-one framing solution that protects your artwork while giving it the finished look it richly deserves.

And it’s so easy to use!

  • Everything you need to frame and hang your artwork is included! Each bundle comes with a 3/4″ Gessobord panel, along with wood screws, hanging hook, nail, 20 lb. hanging wire, bumper pads, and small screw eyes.
  • Insert your artwork into the floaterframe using spacers to evenly align.
  • Attach your artwork to the frame with the screws provided. (Pre-drilling pilot holes is recommended)

More information on Ampersand Gessobord can be found by clicking here

More information on Ampersand FloaterFrames can be found by clicking here

On Sale for the Holidays!

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For questions or more information about floaterframe/Gessobord all-in-one bundles please contact us at bords@ampersandart.com

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