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All Things Ampersand

Mounting Photographs to Ampersand Panels and Finishing with a Floaterframe!

Did you know that Ampersand panels are great for mounting photographs?  And when you match that with one of our new floaterframes you have a BEAUTIFUL presentation that makes a wonderful gift for that special someone. How cool is that?


  • Gessobord 1/8″ flat, 3/4″ cradled or 1.5″ deep cradle
  • Ampersand FloaterFrame (make sure it is the same size and is the correct depth for your panel!)
  • A printed photograph (slightly larger than your panel size to allow for trimming the edges)
  • Spray adhesive (such as 3M Super 77)
  • X-acto Knife
  • Rubber brayer or plastic squeegee

Begin by spraying the adhesive onto the face of the Ampersand panel. Refer to the adhesive and follow all recommendations for application and proper ventilation. Make sure that you apply the glue all the way to the panel edges. To maximize adhesion, you can also spray the back of your photograph. Be careful not to get adhesive onto the surface of your photo.

Position your photograph in place against the face of the panel, image side up, and press down firmly. PRO TIP: Trimming one edge from your photo first, helps to ensure that your mount is straight and centered on the Gessobord. Now, place a clean piece of paper over the photo to protect it and roll or press over the surface from the center out using a rubber brayer or squeegee to remove any wrinkles, lumps or air pockets.

Once the glue has dried, turn the panel with your photo mounted to it over onto a clean, protected surface such as a self-healing cutting mat. Use the X-acto knife to trim the excess edges of the photo, flush with the edges of the Gessobord.

To mount it in the floaterframe, follow the instructions that are included with the frame. (download it here as a PDF or watch this video here ) If you are using a flat, 1/8” panel with a 7/8” floaterframe, follow the steps for using the included riser blocks to extend the panel within the frame to the correct height and to allow you to attach the mounted photo, using the included hardware.


  • Almost any panel that doesn’t have a lot of texture can be used for this project. Besides Gessobord, you can use Claybord, Hardbord, The Artist Panel Primed Smooth or The Artist Panel Unprimed Basswood too! Note: if you plan to use an unprimed panel (such as Hardbord or The Artist Panel Unprimed Basswood) you will need to seal the face of the panel with GAC100 first (see Extra Step at the bottom of this article).
  • You can paint the cradled edges of your panel before mounting your photograph if you like. For instance, painting the cradles black would hide them better when using a black Floater Frame. Remember to seal the raw wood cradles with GAC 100 or PVA Size first, if you are painting them.
  • For a more painterly look, brush acrylic gel medium (in the sheen of your choice) over the photograph once it has been mounted to the panel but before you frame it. Test this first on a practice print or a small area at the edge that will be trimmed away to assure that the ink won’t run and damage your photo

Extra Step: When using Hardbord or any other un-primed wood panels as your substrate, follow the same instructions above, but first seal the panel with GAC 100 or PVA Size. Apply Golden GAC100 or PVA Size directly to the Hardbord with a brush. Allow it to dry completely and follow with an additional coat. Do not sand between layers. first. It is important to correctly seal all un-primed wood substrates to prevent support-induced discoloration that can cause your paint film to yellow over time.

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Photos used in this project copyright 2017 Donna Egenolf

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