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Four Artists, Twelve Months: Month #3 – “INQUISITIVENESS”

We are now on month # 3 with our four talented artists who are working on a year-long collaborative project using Ampersand Gessobord! Every month these artists create a piece on a 12″x12″ Deep Cradled Ampersand Gessobord, based on a predetermined theme. At the end of 12 months, all of the works will be displayed in an exhibition. Refer to our original post for the details of this fantastic collaboration.

The third month’s theme is “INQUISITIVENESS” and is to be interpreted using all whites. Each artist was charged with creating a painting that shows “inquisitiveness” as they interpret it, using their own unique approach and style.

Sylvia Torres
“Secret Concerns”
Painted/collaged papers, canvas, antique tile, clear gesso on Ampersand Cradled Gessobord 12” X 12”

Andrea Raft
“Inquiring Minds Want to Know”
Mixed Media Collage on Ampersand Cradled Gessobord 12” X 12”

Pat Kodet
“Creative Impulses ”
Acrylic on Ampersand Cradled Gessobord 12” X 12”

Meg Walling
Collage and Oil on Ampersand Cradled Gessobord 12” X 12”

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