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PROJECT: Vases, Vases, Vases – Stenciled Cradled Claybord Artist Panel

What do you get when you mix together an 8” x 8” x 1.5” cradled Claybord Artist Panel from Ampersand Art Supply with two stencils from StencilGirl Products, plus inks, a black pen, along with black, white and Emperor’s Gold paint?

Well…You get an afternoon of fun and a panel that can be the starting point for collage and more layering or to hang on the wall with no further additions.



  1. Using a round craft sponge, smudge butterscotch, espresso and teal inks onto the top of an 8” x 8” x 1.5” cradled Claybord Artist Panel, using a piece of paper to create three straight edges across the bottom 3.25”. (Wash and dry the sponge between colors or use three sponges, one for each color.)



  1. Working one side at a time, paint the sides of the Panel with burnt umber acrylic paint, and while the paint is wet press the random dot pattern stencil into the paint.



  1. Using a black permanent ink pen and the vase stencil, outline vases in various sizes along the straight lines. Color some of the vases. Hand-draw flowers, patterns on the vases, and make assorted marks on and around the vases and flowers.


If you like the way the Panel looks at this point, stop now and call it done! Or keep doodling instead of proceeding with paints and more stenciling…



  1. Place the vase stencil onto the Panel and use white paint to fill in all vases, covering and partially obscuring the previous layer. Allow the paint to dry. Return the vase stencil to the Panel, offset about an eighth-inch, and stencil with black paint, leaving a white halo on each vase and further obscuring the previous layers. Allow paint to dry.



  1. Using a wide brush and very little paint, streak the Panel with Emperor’s Gold paint. Using the random dot pattern stencil, add dots to the sides and corners of the panel with Emperor’s Gold paint. Also, add a few random dots to the top of the Panel with black paint.


Options: Keep going – Stencil pieces of collage paper with vases and dots; tear and adhere them to the Panel. Draw or paint on the black vases and streak with white or teal paint.



  • 8” x 8” x 1.5” cradled Claybord Artist Panel (Ampersand Art Supply)
  • L144 “Vases” 9×12 stencil by Cecilia Swatton (StencilGirl Products)
  • L182 “What’s the Point” 9×12 by Nathalie Kalbach (StencilGirl Products)
  • Pigma Micron pen in black (Sakura of America)
  • Inks in butterscotch, espresso, and teal
  • Acrylic paint in white, black, burnt umber, and Emperor’s Gold
  • Stencil brush
  • Paintbrush (2”)
  • Round craft sponge


This is part of our on-going series of projects with artist Judi Kauffman. Judi is a nationally known designer, teacher, writer and product developer whose expertise includes collage, stenciling, paper crafting, stamp arts, embroidery, needlepoint, knitting, crochet, weaving and fabric piecing. She has written and produced three videos and is the author of five books. Judi developed and taught college-level studio art and graphic design courses for over 40 years, as well as art programs in public and private schools (elementary through high school levels). Judi earned a BFA in printmaking from Cornell University and an MFA in fibers from Antioch University. She credits her parents (both artists) and her grandfathers (a tailor and a blacksmith) for encouraging her to pursue art and for being among her favorite teachers.


One thought on “PROJECT: Vases, Vases, Vases – Stenciled Cradled Claybord Artist Panel”

  1. Avatar Kimberly O. says:

    I love the layer with the doodled flowers! My first reaction of seeing this covered with all of the solid vases was pure horror!! 😉 No, seriously. Then the thought came, “Well, if you screwed up the flower doodling, you would probably be covering it up with something like this.” However, horror aside, I DO love the end result as art to hang on a wall. 🙂

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