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Ampersand Adds New Frame Sizes & New Pouring Panel!

Thanks to feedback from our valued artist community, we have expanded our product line, and we think you’re going to be excited to see what’s new!

First, we have EIGHT more sizes of our extremely popular FLOATERFRAMES!

6″x6″ – 9″x12″ – 10″x10″ – 12″x16″ – 18″x24″

AND 24″x24″ – 24″x30″ – 24″x36″

(24″x24″ – 24″x30″ – 24″x36″ sizes are currently exclusive to our black, bold style for a dramatic look)

Ampersand floaterframes are by far THE EASIEST AND SIMPLEST FLOATER FRAMES AVAILABLE. We understand you want to spend your time creating – not framing, and we make that happen. These are the only floater frames specifically designed for cradled panels and canvases. You can even frame flat panels with the 7/8” models!

What makes the Ampersand floaterframes so amazing? We thought of everything to allow you to easily frame your work in minutes.

  • ALL HARDWARE IS INCLUDED. Self-tapping mounting screws, hanging wire, nail, eye hooks, and even the bumper pads!
  • Floaterframes feature a wider base and a deeper rabbet to perfectly secure your artwork
  • Rear countersink holes, giving your framed artwork a professional, finished appearance.
  • Assembly is FAST AND EASY!

Ampersand floaterframes are the perfect solution for giving your artwork a professional finish – and they are a fantastic choice for framing photos too (see our article on mounting photographs to Ampersand gessobord here!)

The new sizes will be available this September at most Ampersand retailers. Check here for a store near you!

The second exciting addition to the Ampersand family of products is a new format of our popular primed smooth panels.



Primed on all sides with an ultra-smooth acid-free gesso, they are perfect for pouring and swiping techniques, with NO SAGGING OR SINKING!

The Artist Panel – Primed Smooth™ can be used for acrylics, oils and pretty much any medium you desire.

As you have come to expect from Ampersand, these have been thoughtfully designed with pre-drilled hanging slots so they can be easily displayed. The Artist Panel Primed Smooth surfaces are high-quality Ampersand panels available at an economical price. If you haven’t tried these yet, now is the perfect time!

The new floaterframe sizes and Primed Smooth panel format will be available this September at most Ampersand retailers, click here for a store near you!

Be sure to tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so we can see the great work you are creating on Ampersand panels! @ampersand_art and #ampersand_art

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10 comments on “Ampersand Adds New Frame Sizes & New Pouring Panel!”

  1. Avatar Jill says:

    I’m so happy to see that you have expanded the sizes offered for your floater frames. I love the quality of the frame and the ease of use. I would love to see them in the maple and white too. Please consider.
    Thank you.

    1. Avatar Ampersand says:

      Hi Jill! We do offer all of the new sizes in all three colors EXCEPT the three largest – 24×24, 24×30, and 24×36. Those 3 are only currently available in black only.

  2. Avatar Judy says:

    Hi! Im having trouble finding where to purchase these. Can I buy online? Thx!!

    1. Avatar Dana Brown says:

      Hi Judy, There is a link on our website to help you locate stores that stock Ampersand products as well as online retailer listings. The items in this article are new, and so not available everywhere just yet. Be sure to check out our Floaterframe page on our site as well, for listings of dealers who specifically stock our frames. Thank you, Dana Brown

  3. Avatar Tracy says:

    Would really really love to get the larger sizes in the Maple… 24″x36″… I would order 10 of them today… : ( and more later. I have purchased 20 or so of the the 12″x12″ maple and the quality is perfect. Cannot use the black ones.

    1. Avatar Dana Brown says:

      Hi Tracy, Thanks for your product suggestion! Our insistence on using unblemished wood for our maple frames meant that a frame with a 36″ length could not be priced similarly to a painted, black frame. It would be priced more like a custom frame. Since we were just looking to offer a ready-made, available-at-retail solution, and we didn’t want to offer two (similar) products with widely varied pricing, we opted to only offer the black frame. Sorry that we don’t have a larger, maple option for you. We’ll continue to examine this possibility. – Dana at Ampersand

  4. Avatar Susie says:

    Can the gesso board be used to create glass tile mosaics?

    1. Avatar Dana Brown says:

      Yes. Gessobord can hold the weight of glass tile mosaic and adhesives adhere well to the surface.

  5. Avatar Marilyn says:

    Do your Floater Frames fit the flat wooden panels that are now used widely?

  6. Avatar Dana Brown says:

    Yes! The frames that are 7/8″ depth (NOT 1.5″) include risers that allow for framing flat, uncradled panels! Our Floaterframes are the only floater frame with this characteristic!

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