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Artist Panels 101: Primed Smooth and Canvas Texture

Ampersand Artist Panel Series panels are a wonderful way to experience panel painting on high-quality, durable surfaces. There are three distinct panels in this series, each with a unique surface and quality to help artists engage in their own creative process.

Earlier this year, we delved deep into the Unprimed Basswood Artist Panel. Today, we will conclude the Artist Panels 101 educational series by exploring the Primed Smooth and the Primed Canvas Texture Panels.

Artist Panel Primed Smooth

The Artist Panel Primed Smooth is just that – SMOOTH! This panel is completely prepared and ready for taking on art.

Artists love this ultra-versatile panel because the semi-absorbent ground is excellent for oils, acrylics, water media, graphite, collage, graphic markers, ink, mounting photos and canvas and so much more! And if you’re into pouring, no other surface on the market works to enhance all your pouring techniques like Artist Panel Primed Smooth!

One of the unique benefits of the Primed Smooth Panel is the perfectly prepared edges. Ampersand coats all four sides with the same high-quality acid-free acrylic gesso as the top, a feature not found on any other panel! This makes it ideal for wrapping your work around the edges and serves as a great alternative to framing. The 3/8” panels also feature slotted keyholes, making them easy to hang and display.

Ampersand constructs these panels from sustainable medium density fiberboard (MDF). Unlike canvas or lower quality surfaces, these wood panels will not give, bend or flex, assuring your work will not crack due to thin veneers, the seam in the wood, and certainly, you will not get cracks due to the movement you get with canvas.

“To Sense What is Coming” by Jane Gardiner
on Ampersand Artist Panel Primed Smooth

They are available in four distinct profiles: a 1/8″ flat, a 3/8” flat, and 7/8″ or 1-1/2″. The cradled profiles are constructed of 1/2″ high-density pine, the cradles provide strong, lasting support while giving your artwork a classic, professional profile.

Artist Panel Primed Canvas Texture

If you prefer the feel and texture of canvas, Ampersand’s Primed Canvas Texture panel is the perfect surface and it serves as a great introduction to panel painting. The ready-to-paint surface is very similar to a medium gessoed canvas in texture, appearance, and absorbency, giving artists the familiar feel of a fine linen or canvas with the additional advantage of painting on a rigid surface. Artists no longer need to contend with the give, bounce, and stretch of canvas!

Primed Canvas Texture panels are available in three profiles -3/8″ flat and 3/4″ or 1-1/2″ cradled. Like its Primed Smooth counterpart, the 3/8″ flat profile panels come with built-in hanging slots for easy hanging. Panel and cradle construction is similar to the Primed Smooth, utilizing MDF and multi-ply birch plywood to prevent warping cradles.

“Oriental Poppies” by Dawn Wheat
on Ampersand Artist Panel Primed Canvas Texture

The Artist Panel series delivers the high quality you expect from Ampersand in a range of budget-friendly choices, allowing you even more flexibility to experiment with new techniques and surfaces! Find a retailer near you

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2 comments on “Artist Panels 101: Primed Smooth and Canvas Texture”

  1. Avatar Ken Mitchell says:

    Can you tell me if this smooth board is available.for years I used the board with great success but suddenly it has not been available.Iused both arycylic and oil paints,and now live in Tasmania. An address for any supplier here or in Melbourne,would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Avatar Dana Brown says:

      Hi Ken, Our Artist Panel Primed Smooth was introduced in 2011, but our new 3/8 inch format is brand new. Check out our site for listings in Australia. You can “click” on the Australian flag from any page on our website (at the top, right corner). It looks like there are options in both Tasmania and Victoria. Thank you! Dana Brown

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