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Artist Profile: Gordon Corrins

“Amazing” is the word to use when describing the art of Gordon Corrins. His incredible wildlife artwork depicts incredible portraits of a range of animals, but his dynamic style and strong contrast of light and shadow is what brings them to life!

“Oorlewende” acrylics on Ampersand Claybord

Around ten years ago, Gordon almost gave up on painting. He felt he wasn’t getting real satisfaction from his work. “I had tried numerous ways of trying to get the finish and textures I was looking for but was getting nowhere fast.” When he discovered the combination of Ampersand’s Claybord and fluid acrylics, everything came together. “The highlights were so much more realistic when removing paint rather than adding more…This was my eureka moment!”

Gordon uses an airbrush to apply inks and fluid acrylics and then removes areas of highlights and creates textures using various erasers, fiberglass brushes, and “every type of blade available.” He uses Claybord and Scratchbord for his work, since both were designed with this reductive technique in mind. Upon completing the artwork, he coats them with a water-based matte or satin varnish, to finish them for display.

His combination of paint, experimental application, perfect surface, and erasing processes have succeeded in bringing the textures and “life” to his work that he’d been looking for.

“Double Trouble” acrylics on Ampersand Claybord

Corrins is very passionate about wildlife conservation and painting wildlife has reinforced this. He uses his artwork to raise awareness of endangered species and to bring attention to animal cruelty. Often, a percentage of his sales goes towards animal charities as well. “It’s very rewarding to know that your work raises awareness for an animal that needs rescuing or is endangered.”

He is driven to show the character and personality in each wolf, primate, cat or bear, along with the beauty of each animal’s textures and fur. He seeks to make the expressive character of each animal the main focus of his artwork. Gordon mentioned that bringing a tiger or lion to life on a panel is very emotional for him and he wants to do all of his subjects justice in the painting.

Gordon says, “I am trying to be original in approach, but at the same time, create realistic work without it being photorealistic. I want people to engage with my paintings and, hopefully, get something from them that they have never seen before.”

“Pongo” acrylics on Ampersand Claybord

Gordon Corrins works from his studio in Scotland and had his first solo exhibition just last year, in Edinburgh. In 2009, Gordon Corrins was accepted as the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year. This was a very proud moment and aligned the work of the conservation foundation with his desire to bring attention to these issues through his artwork.

“Since 2007 I have been concentrating solely on animals and wildlife but I wanted the work to have my own style and technique. Every project I work on I try to push materials and substrates a bit further.”

See more of Gordon’s work at https://www.corrinsart.co.uk/, on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/corrinsart/  and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/corrinsart/

Banner image: “Siberian Night” on Ampersand Scratchbord

2 comments on “Artist Profile: Gordon Corrins”

  1. Thanks for this, I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to pull the article together.

  2. Avatar Neil Mackinlay says:

    I love Gordon Corrins’ work. I purchased my first piece recently and will be returning to his portfolio soon to purchase something else. The detail and the precision of each stroke mean that every time I look at his work, I see something I haven’t seen before.

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