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Blog Hop Project: Dot, the Bunny – Stenciled Claybord Box

This is part of our Blog Hop in coordination with StencilGirl. See below for our giveaway details!

This project started with a 3” wooden laser-cut bunny that arrived at my studio last Easter, a small treat from a friend. The shape was whimsical and at the same time, sophisticated. I kept it propped by the computer – it gave me a daily smile – but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. The lightbulb moment came when I received some new stencils, one of them filled with mod ovals and circles, the other with random dots. I knew that I could hide the bunny in a mix of patterns, and I decided that a 5” Claybord Box from Ampersand Art Supply would be the perfect starting point for the project.

As an alternative to the bunny, choose a wooden letter, circle, Christmas ornament, flower, or any other simple shape.


  1. Base coat a 5” Claybord Box with red acrylic paint. (Inside and out.) Allow paint to dry.
  1. Using a stiff, cheap wide brush and very little paint, streak the exterior of the box with black acrylic paint. Also, base coat the bunny (or another wooden embellishment). Allow paint to dry.
  1. Using a stencil brush to apply olive green acrylic paint, stencil mod ovals and circles on the lid, front, and sides of the box.
  1. Place the bunny on the lid of the box and position the stencil over it in the same place, then stencil parts of the ovals and circles with olive green paint.
  1. Stencil the top and sides of the box with dot patterns – first with light turquoise acrylic paint, then with the same red that was used in step 1. Also stencil dots on the bunny in the same two colors.
  2. Using a large paintbrush and very little paint, very lightly streak the bunny and the box with white acrylic paint. (Brush should be almost dry.)
  1. Glue the bunny to the lid of the box, making sure to precisely match up and align the stenciled olive green shapes on the bunny with the olive green shapes on the lid.


  • 5” Claybord Box (Ampersand Art Supply)
  • L182 “What’s the Point” 9×12 stencil by Nathalie Kalbach (StencilGirl Products)
  • L271 “Mod Ovals and Circles” 9×12 stencil by Lizzie Mayne (StencilGirl Products)
  • Small laser-cut wooden bunny or other shape
  • Acrylic paint in red, black, olive green, light turquoise and white
  • Glue


One lucky winner will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to Ampersand AND a $50 Gift Certificate to StencilGirl®
Enter to win by leaving a comment below.
Then be sure to visit the other blogs in the hop and comment to win.
The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to WIN!
One winner will be chosen at random from all blog comments!
(One comment per blog please.)


You have until Tuesday, November 20th at 11:59PM Central Time to leave your comments.
Winner will be announced on
StencilGirl® Product’s Facebook page on Wednesday, November 21.


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This is part of our on-going series of projects with artist Judi Kauffman. Judi is a nationally known designer, teacher, writer and product developer whose expertise includes collage, stenciling, paper crafting, stamp arts, embroidery, needlepoint, knitting, crochet, weaving and fabric piecing. She has written and produced three videos and is the author of five books. Judi developed and taught college-level studio art and graphic design courses for over 40 years, as well as art programs in public and private schools (elementary through high school levels). Judi earned a BFA in printmaking from Cornell University and an MFA in fibers from Antioch University. She credits her parents (both artists) and her grandfathers (a tailor and a blacksmith) for encouraging her to pursue art and for being among her favorite teachers.


19 comments on “Blog Hop Project: Dot, the Bunny – Stenciled Claybord Box”

  1. Avatar Denise says:

    I love Stencil Girl and Ampersand. O was just looking at the blog hop. So this is the first one I visit

  2. Avatar Jean Marmo says:

    What a great match up! Loving the creativity! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love your products Ampersand! and recently purchased stencils from stencil girl and I love them.

  4. Avatar Sydney says:

    This is such a cool project!

  5. Avatar Bel says:

    I love the box and the bunny, but not the overwhelming dots. I’d rather have seen the bunny highlited in some manner, not camouflaged like it was something you were trying to hide. The box it’s self is a nice idea though and i’ll Buy one. Thanks for the ideas.

  6. Avatar Yvonne Zaborac says:

    Great giveaway! I love Ampersand and stencils!

  7. Avatar Judy Lavoie says:

    Thanks for the great tips. I wasn’t aware that Ampersand sells a Claybord box. Oh, the possibilities…!

  8. Avatar Peg R says:

    Oh my. This will be fun. What a great combination.

  9. Avatar Kimberly O. says:

    What a great project! I love how the bunny kind of blends into the pattern on the box, and yet.. doesn’t. Kind of a hidden critter. 🙂

  10. Avatar Piia says:

    Love how all layers combine together. I also like the hiding bunny. Lovely work!

  11. Avatar Eva says:

    I love the idea with the camoflauge bunny! Such a pretty box!

  12. What a lovely project and the colors you used for it are awesome! Thanks for sharing

  13. Avatar Edwige V. says:

    Very funny box and so well done !
    So cool that Ampersand sells claybord boxes !

  14. Avatar Geri Johnson says:

    Hiding in plain sight! Instead of an egg hunt it’s a bunny hunt in a field of mod eggs! What fun! 😀 😀 😀

  15. Avatar Rachel Bell says:

    Love, love, love the painting techniques and combo you used for patterns. So ingenious!!!

  16. Avatar Jessica Larios says:

    These patterns are so cool! I love all your techniques too!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  17. Avatar Linda says:

    I love the pop-out bunny on the top of the box. It’s beautiful.

  18. This box with an ornament instead of a bunny would make a great Christmas gift. Love the project.

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