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Four Artists, 12 Months: Month #8 – “ENERVATED”

Welcome to month #8 of a year-long collaborative project! Each month, a different artistic focus and theme have been chosen for four artists to interpret using a 12″x12″ Deep Cradled Ampersand Gessobord with the medium of their choice. At the end of the year, all of the work will be displayed together in an exhibition. See our original post for the details of this wonderful project!

The eighth month’s theme is “enervated” and is to be interpreted using shades of greys and blacks.

Andrea Raft
“The Night the Music Ended”
Gold Leaf, Paper, Cold Wax/Oil paint on Ampersand Cradled Gessobord 12” X 12”.

“A welcoming theme, enervate: to weaken, tear down, end! A perfect calling for Black and Gray and an opportunity to try cold wax medium. Not too much color! Gave me color, texture all in one swipe of the palette knife. Loved the process, and the outcome!!”

Pat Kodet
“Silver Linings”
Acrylic on Ampersand Cradled Gessobord 12” X 12”

“When darkness zaps your energy, depletes your strength, take a closer look through the dark to the silver linings. This painting is painted with black and silver paint.”


Meg Walling
“A Month of Low Skies”
Oil and Cold Wax Medium on Ampersand Cradled Gessobord 12” X 12”

“Sometimes things can feel heavy and bleak and flat. But like the ocean on a drizzly, overcast day if I look toward the horizon long enough, a patch of blue appears, maybe a hazy blue, but enough of a blue that I am reminded that the sun will burn off the haze. The ocean is a grand teacher.”

Sylvia Torres
“World of Yesteryear”
Painted on Ampersand Cradled Gessobord 12” X 12”

“This work depicts a world seemingly devoid of life and appears burned out. In the background indicates fragments of rich cultures, achievements, and beauty. Carelessness and greed have left it bare.
This is a warning to mankind today. Do not practice habitual greed and insensitivity to the beauty and love in our world.”


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