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Four Artists, 12 Months: Month #9 – “Whimsical

It’s month #9 of a year-long collaborative project with our four artists creating on Ampersand Gessobord! Every month, these artists interpret a theme using a 12″x12″ Deep Cradled Ampersand Gessobord and the medium of their choice.  Then, at the end of 12 months, they will all come together for an exhibition. See our original post for the details of this wonderful collaboration.

Month 9’s theme is “whimsical” and is to be interpreted using filigree.

Andrea Raft
“Where Dragons Dwell”
Mixed Media Assemblage, Acrylic, Gold leaf, found objects. Inside the Ampersand 12” X 12” cradled Gessobord

“What fun to play with a Whimsical theme, bringing me back to my childhood love, the doll’s house! Created with the dragon at my front door, the art of Feng Shui and my adult passion for Chinese culture. Dragons are powerful and benevolent symbols in Chinese culture, placing them in and around the home will bring prosperity and good luck. I could not resist the urge to play house!”

Pat Kodet
“An Arbitrary Choice”
Acrylic on Ampersand Cradled Gessobord 12” X 12”

“This piece was painted with unpredictable joy. Without my concern, this painting has hidden symbols for me. There could be an eye appearing out from under short wavy hair, mostly white now. A bird flying to its freedom might be found within the darks. This is one of those paintings that nearly paint themselves.”


Meg Walling
“ShillyShally (WHIMSICAL)”
12” x 12”, oil and cold wax on Ampersand cradled Gessobord

“In praise of play, may I easily shed the demands of limitations and open my mind to imagination and freedom so that I may know the awakening of possibilities. May I find in a moment of indecision, that the hesitation, the not-knowing may mark a new beginning and take me where I never thought to go before.”

Sylvia Torres
“Lines On My Mind”
Acrylic on Ampersand Cradled Gessobord 12” X 12”

“This work was unscripted, an art improvisation. Tiny 3” paintings relating to one another, in a close-knit family of colors. I played for hours deciding the placement of the pieces on the cradled board. Only after I completed this work did I realized this 12”x12″ piece mirrored many of my paintings both large and small; the freestyle lines encapsulating in miniature the characteristic qualities of so many more works.”


2 comments on “Four Artists, 12 Months: Month #9 – “Whimsical”

  1. Avatar Diane Moore says:

    Enjoy seeing these every month…and the creative diversity responding to one idea!

  2. Avatar Bobbi Morris says:

    Love all your creativity.

    Such amazing talent,

    Keep the ideas and ingenuity coming!

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