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Ampersand Floaterframe™: Simply the Easiest Floater Frame You’ll Ever Use

At Ampersand, we noticed that floater frames available to artists didn’t properly accommodate wooden panels. So, in 2016 we began manufacturing our very own. Ampersand’s Floaterframes offer a complete and easy solution for displaying your artwork on panel.


In other floater frames, we saw that the base of the frame didn’t align with the panel’s cradle and the front of the frame didn’t protect the face of the artwork.


Ampersand remedied these issues by expanding the base of its Floaterframe to match up with the cradle of a wooden panel and extended the frame profile, so that the artwork was just below the front of the frame, protecting the artwork from damage.


We also added countersunk holes on the back for the hardware, so the screws that attach the artwork to the frame don’t protrude. This keeps your artwork flush with the wall and prevents screws from scratching the wall.


Not only did we create a better frame, but we also took it one more step. You won’t need to track down all of the necessary framing and display hardware. Everything you need to frame your artwork is included. From the eye-screws and coated wire, to screws that attach to the artwork, and bumper pads for the back corners. Even the hook and nail are included!


Are you framing a flat panel without a cradle? The 7/8″ depth option includes a set of riser-blocks in the hardware pack. These risers attach to the back edges of a flat panel to extend the panel to the correct position in the frame. We’ve also included risers for extending ¾” stretched canvas as well! These risers are only available in the 7/8″ frames, so make sure you select the depth of frame appropriate for your artwork.


Ampersand also offers two great styles of Floaterframes to choose from. A bold style, with a dramatic wide facing and a thin style with an elegant, narrow facing.


Both styles are available in three color options: black, white, and maple. Both styles are also available for 7/8″ and 1.5″ artwork with cradled panels or stretched canvas.


With the bold style, the outer profiles are the same for both Floaterframe depths. This allows artists to frame artworks with different cradle-depths in uniform frames.


The thin style has a different approach. The outer profile for the 7/8″ depth is more shallow versus the deeper 1.5″ profile.


Ampersand Floaterframes are available in sizes from 6×6 to 18×24 in all three colors and both thin and bold styles. We also offer three larger sized 24×24, 24×30, and 24×36 Floaterframes in the black, bold style.

Tip: Always be sure to choose the right frame based on your panel depth.

10 comments on “Ampersand Floaterframe™: Simply the Easiest Floater Frame You’ll Ever Use”

  1. Avatar Alice Lemon says:

    When framing a flat panel, how do you attach the screw eyes for the hanging wire?

    1. Avatar Dana Brown says:

      Hello Alice – When framing a flat, uncradled panel in a Floaterframe, the screw-eyes can be attached to the inner edge of the frame or, if the piece is smaller (9×12 and under) to the riser blocks. Predrill into the inner edge of the frame and the screw-eyes attach well and hold tightly. Thank you! Dana

  2. Avatar Michael Mistric says:

    I have been using Ampersand panels for many many years! I was so happy when your company started making floater frames! I noticed that you now have floater frames for most of your sizes. However, do you have plans to make floater frames for your artist series panels in sizes 16×16 and 18×18? Thank you. Michael Mistric, PhD

    1. Avatar Dana Brown says:

      Hello Dr. Mistric,
      Thank you for your question and product suggestion! As of 2018, our Floaterframes are available in 10 popular sizes (in all three colors and both styles) and 3 larger sizes, in black and in the Bold style only. We keep a tally of requests for new available sizes for Floaterframes and I will make note of 16×16 and 18×18 for consideration. We plan to evaluate the available sizes of Floaterframes over time. Thank you, Dana

  3. Avatar Terry Denson says:

    Do you sell the risers for panels separately? I would like to use your floater frames on panels and enter the Florida Watercolor Society exhibitions. However, they required 1 1/2 – 2″ deep frames. 7/8″ are not accepted.

    1. Avatar Dana Brown says:

      Hello – We do not sell risers and hardware separately, and the risers we include with 7/8″ Floaterframes wouldn’t position your artwork correctly in a deeper frame. What you can do, is to use the BOLD style frame. Both the 7/8″ and 1.5″ depth options for the BOLD style have the same 1 & 7/8″ outer profile, which fits the requirements you mention. In short, you want the 7/8″ BOLD style frame which has the deeper OUTER profile. Here is a link to our website where you can find a cross-section diagram for each frame style and depth, at the bottom of the page: https://ampersandart.com/floaterframe.php Thank you!

  4. Avatar Christine says:

    Hello. I love that the Aqua boards don’t need to be displayed behind glass. However, I am entering a contest that requires glass/plexiglass over the watercolor painting. Will glass fit in this floater frame?

    1. Avatar Dana Brown says:

      Hello Christine, No. A floater frame is a style of frame without glass. If you need to display work with glazing, you’ll need to find a type of frame that has glass/plexi.

  5. Avatar leeah joo says:

    I love these frames. But why are these frames out of stock and back-ordered from most retailers? I need to match the frames for consistency. Having hard time finding multiples. Is this Covid related?

    1. Avatar Lindsey Castillo says:

      Yes, unfortunately, our Floaterframes are produced overseas and we have been challenged with the same global supply chain issue impacting all U.S. businesses. The good news is that we recently shipped a lot of orders out to our main retail/online customers, so you should start seeing stock soon. Please contact our office at bords@ampersandart.com and we can help you find what you need. Thank you for using our Floaterframes for your work!

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