Ampersand Artist Ambassadors are a select group of incredibly talented artists and instructors who use Ampersand products for their artwork and in their classes and workshops. This program was developed to partner with teaching artists to educate on the benefits of panel painting and to spread awareness of Ampersand's amazing surfaces.

Applications are not currently being accepted for the Ampersand Ambassador program. Please submit this form to join the interest list.

Phil Garrett

Phil Garrett, a graduate of The San Francisco Art Institute, has completed numerous artists' residencies including The Sam And Adele Golden Foundation residence in New Berlin, NY, and has taught painting and printmaking nationally and internationally.

Rick Plasters

I am the founder of RP Design, LLC in Birmingham, Alabama. I am a freelance graphic designer and have been providing ideas that work, successfully articulating communication strategies for 30+ years.

Sandra Duran Wilson

Sandra Duran Wilson is an internationally recognized artist, author, lecturer, and juror. Her innovative, award-winning mixed media art has been influenced by her extensive scientific background and synesthesia.

Scott Gellatly

I’ve always been driven to make things. No matter the medium, I find excitement and wonder in creating something that didn’t exist the day before. Whether that creation succeeds or fails, it drives my creative process forward – eager to begin the next piece.

Award winning Artist Sean Dye, received his MFA from Pratt Institute. He conducts popular workshops throughout North America. His work has appeared in The Artists Magazine, Pastel Artist International, International Artist, and The Pastel Journal.

Shawn Dell

Shawn Dell Joyce began teaching plein air classes in 2000 and continues weekly to this day. She founded a plein air school with an Arts and Agricultural mission based on the historic Hudson River School, called the Wallkill River School of Art.

Teresa Kirk

As mother of two boys, Teresa found she had a lot of time on her hands as they started leaving home. Looking for something to occupy her time, an adult watercolor class (no drawing experience necessary) piqued her interest. The rest is history, she was hooked! She did find that learning to draw was a must.

Shawn Dell Joyce is a Florida-based plein air painter known for glowing sunsets, bold colors, dramatic scenery, and Florida wildlife.

Ampersand Artist Ambassador Scott Gellatly is a landscape painter at heart, but his work has become more abstracted, with greater emphasis on pure color and gestural mark-making to evoke nature. As a plein air painter, Scott uses Ampersand Gessobord, Aquabord, and Pastelbord for his work.

With work that references teachings from Zen Buddhism, Christian mysticism, the poetic traditions, and contemplative practices including yoga and meditation, Dietlind Vander Schaaf's artwork has been described as "the transformation of disparate objects into elegantly simple compositions of pattern and grace" (Artscope).

Her work evokes a feeling of peace. With an impressionistic style and an illustrative base, the textural imagery in Jane Hunt’s sweeping landscapes skillfully merge a sense of immense wonderment with a tranquil feeling of warm familiarity. Her work is calming and ethereal, conjuring emotions of a familiar, yet undefined, location.

Ampersand Artist Ambassador, Jennifer Redstreake Geary, both a full-time mom and full-time graphic designer is also a prolific artist who is highly sought after for her work in watercolor and pastel.

Artist Micah Goguen teaches about 50 students atelier style in weekly classes in the Middle Georgia Area. His overall vision is to focus and rededicate back to a "buy-local, shop-local" mentality that strengthens community through unity and purpose. Here are a few stories Micah wanted to share with us.