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Art that Lifts Our Spirits Ampersand Award Winner: Lisa Goesling

Emerumus, 12″ x12″, Scratchbord with Ampersand Ink

Manhattan Arts International is one of several venues that Ampersand supports and sponsors regularly. It is a growing online resource and gallery for artists to gain exposure and business experience.  In the current exhibition,  “Art that Lifts Our Spirits”, Ampersand was honored to choose a winner to receive the Ampersand Award, a blog post and representation on our website.  We chose Lisa Goesling’s work, Emerumus, for it’s beauty, simplicity, and complete conformation to the essence of the show, a work that truly does “Lift Our Spirits”.

Inside of an Iris, Critics Choice Award for
Celebrate the Healing Power of Art
Colored Columbine

Most of Lisa’s work is art that lifts our spirits.  Lisa is a two time cancer survivor who utilized art in her own therapy and healing and now takes her Scratchbord™ into hospitals to help other cancer and chronically ill patients.  She has always been artistic, a graphic designer before becoming a full time artist.  But, it was the Scratchbord work that Lisa came to when her own illness surfaced.  She found the boards were easy to travel with for treatments and the unique medium works extremely well for Lisa’s chosen subjects- flowers and plants.  The black and white contrast of Scratchbord calls for a keen eye in drawing, and sometimes, the subject calls for color.   

This is the second time that Lisa’s soothing, interesting Scratchbord work has caught the eye of Manhattan Arts International.  She entered the “Celebrate the Healing Power of Art” competition earlier this year and won three awards for her piece, Inside of an Iris.  It is evident that Lisa’s work has not only been healing for her, but also brings healing and inspiration to others.

Along with Lisa’s shows and awards this year, she was recently interviewed by Enid Silverman, host on Artist to Artist.  I pulled some footage from the show and posted it on the website a few weeks back, so you could see Lisa demonstrate Scratchbord.  Her skill, encouraging temperament and artistic eye are not going unnoticed.

Lisa’s work is currently hanging in several exhibitions as well as online at her Manhattan Arts Membership page:  www.manhattanarts.com/Gallery/Lisa-Goesling.  You can visit her work in person at her solo exhibition at the Envision Art Gallery in Chicago, extended through November 10th.  Her work is also hanging at the Cook County Law Library at the Chicago Daley Center through March of next year.  If you want to see more of Lisa’s current work, process and keep up with her blog, tune in to her website:  lisagoesling.com

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