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Featured Video: Elizabeth Schowachert with Encausticbord

“I have explored many different media over the years, including mosaic, acrylic and oil paint. Currently I am working primarily with the encaustic medium. It has incredible fluidity and allows me to achieve balance between color and form.”

Dallas artist, Elizabeth Schowachert came to encaustics through The Encaustic Center in Dallas run by Bonny Leibowitz.  She explains, “I had always been interested in the medium, loved the look of encaustic paintings and decided to give it a try.  I took a beginning class, and several studio days working with Bonny. I had been painting with Acrylic and Oil in the past, once I started painting with wax I never looked back. I just love the medium.”  In using Encausticbord, Elizabeth found that the surface, being made especially for wax has terrific absorbency and doesn’t produce bubbles, and the panels look professional.  

Below, Elizabeth demonstrates her work and process on Encausticbord™ with encaustics and R+F pigment sticks.

To see Elizabeth’s work in person, she has work at the Texas Visual Arts Association Gallery, “Driven to Abstraction” and she will have pieces at the encaustiCon 2014 Miami Melt in October at the Bakehouse Art Complex.  You can also find Elizabeth online at her website and YouTube channel.

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