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Scratchbord Glows on Spike TV’s Ink Master


In April, Spike TV’s network producers for their popular show, “Ink Master”, contacted Ampersand about featuring their product Scratchbord™ in a flash challenge episode airing this fall.

Seeing this as an irresistible opportunity and creative challenge, Ampersand agreed to custom-build 10 – 7ft x 7ft Scratchbord panels supported with 2in deep cradle frames specifically for the show.  And, there was another stipulation; the producers said the drawings had to glow under black light.  Not only are these the largest custom-built scratchboards that have ever been created in the history of Ampersand and possibly ever in the history of scratchboard art, but also, this unique collaboration between Ampersand and “Ink Master” produced a highly exclusive scratchboard product that has never before been seen or used.  Scratchboard aficionados/artists Sally Maxwell and Rodman Leisure helped provide expert technical advice in this endeavor.

For the flash challenge, competitors teamed up in pairs to create huge wall-size 7 ft x 7 ft scratchboard drawings.  The drawings were then critiqued and judged under black light, quickly exposing each and every tiny flaw.  The main criteria, gradation technique or the artist’s skill at shading, was used to determine a winner for the challenge.

How well did the artists do?  Did the boards really glow under black light?  Who won the competition?  Well, you will have to see for yourself!

Watch:  Next episode of Spike TV’s “Ink Master”, entitled Holy Ink
Date:  Tuesday, November 20, 2012 10/9c

Watch as top tattoo artists work their magic on Scratchbord in this clip from next week’s episode

Flash Challenge: Gradation
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About Ink Master
16 of the country’s most skilled tattoo artist compete for $100K and the title of “Ink Master” when Spike’s top rated tattoo competition returns for its second season in this high-stakes elimination competition, hosted by rock legend Dave Navarro and judged by tattoo icons Christ Nunez and Oliver Peck contestants are pushed to their limit.
Andrea Pramuk
Marketing Director
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