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Claybord Installation Art from Mary Ann Peters

Mary Ann Peters and Jim Olson in the meditation room


There are always new and interesting uses for artist materials, and in this case, an endless list of ways to create art on panels. 

Mary Ann Peters did just that — taking painting to the next level with installation work designed by Jim Olson, who creates residences for major art collectors via his firm, Olson Kundig.

Mary Ann created several large pieces using tinted plaster, Claybord™, gouache and watercolor for private residences both nationally and internationally.  The Washington State Museum of Art is currently featuring her work in an exhibition titled:  Jim Olson:  Architecture for Art.

The exhibition includes Mary Ann’s interior, a meditation room, which is painted on custom built Claybord.  Mary Ann stumbled onto Clayboard in 1997 doing research for panels that would travel well for a residency in Istanbul.  At the time she was making her own plaster based surfaces, however, Clayboard appealed to her need to make both a detailed precise mark and a diffused wash on one surface, two methods that she regularly employs in her work. As though painting on unfired porcelain, Mary Ann shares, “[my] work in painting on earthen surfaces was a direct result of traveling in non Western countries where images were made with a marriage to the natural surfaces of the culture’s dwellings.”

Mary Ann puts a lot of thought into her work, her muses being architecture, science, personal heritage and lost histories.  Many of her interiors are quite a bit larger than this meditation room surrounding the viewer, the resident, with a sense of wonder and awe.  It is clear how Mary ann is able to meet the desires of her clients by her close attention to their lives and surroundings.  To see more of her work, her process and bio, refer to her website.

Ampersand has a wide variety of panels to choose from, in all different sizes with many different archival finishes.  To learn more about Claybord specifically, you can find out all the technical details on our website:  ampersandart.com/claybord.html

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