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Featured Artist: Kendra Ferreira

Box Lids for the upcoming show at the Providence Art Club


Rhode Island artist, Kendra Ferreira, is currently working on a series of Claybord™ Boxes for an exhibit at the Providence Art Club in Providence, Rhode Island.  The show opens this month, but you can take a sneak peek here of both the lids and inside images.  These works on the lids are image transfer and colored pencil.  

Inside images for the boxes


Kendra found Ampersand through the Colored Pencil Society of America.  There is a chapter in the New England area that meets regularly and discusses ideas about their work, materials, etc.  Someone shared Pastelbord™ and Kendra tried it out.  Since about 2004, Kendra has worked on Gessobord™, Pastelbord and Claybord for her artwork, trying them with the various mediums she uses– oils, pastels and colored pencil.  Her galleries asked her to move away from framing with glass, so Kendra needed a viable substrate that would hold up archivally and protect her work.  With the right combination of panel and varnish, Kendra found a solution.  Since Kendra’s works are so vibrant, people often mistake her colored pencil work for paintings.  Kamar varnish and Golden UVLS polymer varnish create the perfect finish for her pieces.


Even though Kendra has a full background in printmaking, oil painting, pastel and figure drawing, plus loads of foundational drawing, her love is colored pencil.  With it, she can do experimentation in both drawing and painting.  Gamsol odorless mineral spirits, applied by brush, open the door for the medium to become fluid and work like paint.  When working on Gessobord, Kendra primes it first with a sanded pastel primer, Colorfix, and then she can use a brush to push the pencil into the grooves.  With a Claybord substrate, Kendra often mounts the work with double tack mounting film after preparing the image on illustration board or paper.  

Besides a full time career as an artist, Kendra also teaches workshops in colored pencil, pastel and drawing.  She is starting an Art Boot camp this month, in fact.  To find out more, you can contact her directly:  Art Boot Camp

To learn more about Kendra and see her upcoming works as well as read about her process, follow her blog or check out her website:  www.kjfdesign.com.

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