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All Things Ampersand

Resources for Framing Panels

All Ampersand standard size panels generally fit into pre-made frames. If you are creating a piece of art specifically for a frame, be sure to measure carefully, because frame sizes and rabbet depths may vary.
Download this spec sheet that has a complete listing of profile depths for the entire product line. Framing can enhance the overall presentation of your work in creative ways. Sectional, plein-air, floater, canvas frames, all are viable framing options for panels. Cradled panels, of course, can be hung directly on the wall and need no additional framing. 

A list of online framing suppliers:

  • Dailypaintersframes.com — Specialize in custom frames for panels; two types of frames with  a range of colors and styles.  Easy to order from website directly
  • Metroframe.com — Has all sorts of frames, including floater frames for panels.  Their website contains LOADS of info on framing, including videos on all sorts of substrates, not just paper.
  • Ooks.com — Museum quality hanging hardware
Also note that many art supply retailers will carry framing or hanging supplies, including your local brick & mortar store.  

Below is a video from Linda Sheets on framing Scratchbord in floater frames:

All things Ampersand, 
Karyn Meyer-Berthel 
Artist & Social Media Specialist 
Ampersand Art Supply 

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Featured Video: Demo from Linda Sheets

Linda’s Scratchbord Kit

Scratchbord™  artist Linda Sheets is known for her original animal portraits and beautiful, fun books illustrating pets, their humans and their stories.  Her work can be found in several galleries around the country and through her Etsy store.

Linda shares some of her basic instruction on getting started in Scratchbord through the video demonstrations below.  She includes how to draw on the boards, how to transfer art and how to correct mistakes.  In the second video, Linda discusses basic tools and the strokes they make.  

To see more about Scratchbord in video, tune in to our Scratchbord playlist on YouTube.  

For more information on Linda’s work, her books and Scratchbord Kits, visit her website:  www.blue-eyedponystudio.com

All things Ampersand,
Karyn Meyer-Berthel
Artist & Social Media Specialist
Ampersand Art Supply

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Panel Painting Tips: Tips on Framing

All of our standard size panels fit into most pre-made and sectional frames. If doing a piece specifically for a frame, be sure to measure it ahead of time as frame sizes may vary. We cut our panels with a 1/16″ tolerance. For an elegant touch, try mounting the finished piece inside linen or silk liners before placing into a frame. For an alternative to framing, try the cradled panels, as they can be hung directly on the wall without having to frame them first.

For a clever and easy framing technique for the 1/8″ flat panels, see this video demonstration by Linda Sheets, Scratchbord™ artist extraordinaire.


The Winter Sale is still going on through the end of this month, so save while you can on Gessobord, Claybord, Encausticbord and the Artist Panel at up to 50% off at select retailers.

All things Ampersand, 
Karyn Meyer-Berthel 
Artist & Social Media Specialist 
Ampersand Art Supply 

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Scratchbord Demos with Linda Sheets

Linda’s Scratchbord Kit


Scratchbord™ is a clay coated hardboard panel for scratchboard that is coated with India ink. Comparable to traditional paper scratchboard, except better – it’s more durable and easier to scratch into for cleaner and crisper details and lines. For added dimension, colored inks can be added to the white areas and then scratched again for additional highlights and volume. Artwork can be sprayed with spray fixative, allowing the finished scratchboard to be framed without glass!

Arkansas artist Linda Sheets fell in love with Scratchbord™ 10 years ago after picking up a couple of samples in an art supply store. Since then, she hasn’t stopped scratching! Linda is known for her folk art inspired Monkeys, Dogs, Birds and Still Life studies. Her work is shown in several galleries in Texas, Missouri and Arkansas and is in many private collections. Sharing techniques and showing everyone how satisfying and easy this medium can be is a source of constant delight for her.

“Blue Eyes Circus”


Linda Sheets is well known not only for her scratchboard drawings but students nationwide flock to her workshops because of her wonderful ability to inspire and teach.  Linda has been creating art in one form or another for most of her life.  Her innovative approach to scratchboard has set Linda in a class all her own.  She is also the creator of several scratchboard kits marketed by Ampersand Art Supply.   

Come join Artist Linda Sheets for a fun-filled, hands-on mini-workshop and demo at the stores listed below.  Learn how to render incredible detail and exquisite line drawings using scratchboard.  You’ll learn how to add brilliant color to your drawings and experience how easy it is to create with this wonderful medium.  Sponsored by Ampersand Art Supply, all materials will be provided including their awesome Scratchbord surface, the professional choice for scratchboard art.

Details to come on the Following:  Watch us on Twitter @Ampersand_Art for details:
Each demo will consist of brief description of the board and scratchboard history, tips and suggested techniques. Samples, patterns for transfer and tools will be provided for hands on experience. In addition, there will be an opportunity to explore adding color using various inks and paints. Most will leave with a finished or partially finished piece of their own unique Scratchbord art!

Get Ready for Back to School with Ampersand

Ampersand Booth at Namta in Phoenix, 2011


We are back from a successful trip to Phoenix where we attended the annual NAMTA (National Art Materials Trade Association) trade show. We showcased a number of new display items for retailers for the Fall Back to School Season. If you missed us at the show, be sure to contact us for pricing and details on these great new displays for your store. And artists, be on the look out for these displays this Fall!

First, we have a new Artist Panel™ Pallet Stacker. Easily unload it right from the truck into your store. Available in both mixed 3/4″ and 1.5″ profiles or in just the 1.5″ profile. It comes with the bright green skid! 

New Artist Panel Pallet Stacker for Fall


Next, we have a new product. It’s a smooth version of the Artist Panel™ that can be used with oils, acrylics and mixed media. It’s perfect for the artist who prefers a smoother surface in contrast to the canvas texture of the standard Artist Panel. Portraits, landscapes, this is your surface. The 1/8″ profile fits nicely into pochade boxes as well. Prices to artists start as low as .59 each! This little counter top display was very popular at the show. Contact us if you’d like to get one for BTS.

New Smooth Artist Panel in a compact counter top display for Fall


And, we have these fun Gessobord™ blow-out multi-pack boxes. Each box comes filled with Gessobord and priced to sell. We have four varieties available each packed with top selling skus. Contact us for pricing.

Gessobord Blow-Out Sale Multi-Pack boxes for Fall


And last, but not least! Scratchbord™ artist Linda Sheets designed six new scratchbord kits and showcased them at the show. The new kits feature the most adorable characters. She created over 100 monkeys and dogs in scratchboard for our dealers over the course of the show. The new kits will be available in stores for Fall. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Linda Sheets monkeying around


“Crowned Monkey”, one of Linda Sheets’ new kit designs


All of these new store displays will be available for shipping mid-late June. 

In other news, we’d like to congratulate our newest Encaustic Painting Center, Sarnoff Artist Materials. They picked up our show display and loaded it right into their store that weekend. Tucson artists can now buy all the Encausticbord™ and R&F handmade paints and accessories they could possibly desire. See the store for details.

We did manage to explore some of the sites in Phoenix, there was plenty of wonderful art in public places and museums just waiting for us to find.


Ampersand’s own Dana Brown and friend


500 Hopi Katsina dolls at the Heard Museum


And, of course we got to see some good friends.

Patti Brady from Golden® modeling our swag.


Our friends at R&F were right across from us.