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Painting on Panel: Resources for Hardbord

In our “Painting on Panels” series, I’ve been sharing a lot of tips on working on wood panels.  To keep it all in one place, this is a list of resources for understanding wood panels and the best practices in working on them for producing long lasting art.

Working with Masonite — Read about what makes Ampersand’s hardboard different than Masonite, archival to use and the differences between other panels in the market.

Solid Wood vs. Manufactured Wood Panels —  The top 4 things an artist should consider when choosing a panel type.

Differences between HDF & MDF — What to look for in choosing a panel, whether it is hardboard, HDF or MDF.  Understanding the properties of each and how they will effect your artwork long term.

Cradling and Supports — Why it’s a good idea to brace large manufactured panels.

Sizing — Why it is important to size panels before priming and how to choose the proper products for good adhesion.

Oil Priming — All raw wood panels need to be sized and primed before painting. This outlines the basics on priming with an oil ground and which products to use for the best results.  

Acrylic Priming —  Step by step instructions for using an acrylic dispersion groung to prepare wood panels.

Support Induced Discoloration —  The reasons that SID occurs and what you can do to prevent it.  

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