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Gessobord™: Top Five Reasons to paint on Ampersand’s Gessobord panel

Gessobord™ is the most trusted pre-gessoed wood panel by artists for their work.  Why?

  1. The superior quality acrylic gesso ground does not dull colors and the wonderful lightly sanded surface provides exceptional brush control. 88% thicker gesso than other brands.
  2. Made with Ampersand’s 1/8″ True Artist Hardboard™ and Archiva-Seal™ technology, the surface is acid-free, non-yellowing, and archival. Perfect for all painting styles with oil paints, acrylics and mixed media. 
  3. Only Ampersand builds their cradles by hand with premium grade 13-ply birch plywood for maximum stability and a clean, finished look from edge to edge. 
  4. All of our Gessobord panels and the Museum series panels are made in the USA.
  5. Only Ampersand™ uses true high-density hardboard made from US-grown and renewable Aspen wood fibers. Gessobord is archival, eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free. 

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