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Scratchbord™ in Highschool Art Classes

Maria Calamia, 2016

“I would first like to begin by extending a sincere and huge ‘Thank You!’ for donating Ampersand Scratchbords for our Art and Design students to use.  Each student was able to create an amazing image because of their creativity and skill, as well as the use of a quality product.”  ~ Rachel Bartlett

Karen Contreras, 2017

Earlier this fall, Scratchbord™ artist and instructor Lisa Goesling demonstrated scratch art to a group of high school students at Palatine High School.  The students had no prior experience in scratchboard art, but as you can see, good instruction and encouragement goes a long way.  

Marisa Engberg, 2017

The students worked from photographs for the main subject and their imaginations for the backgrounds, while a few took the project further and added color as well.  Palatine teacher, Rachel Bartlett shares, “I did prepare the students by having them create practice value scales using cross-hatching, stippling, and other mark-making techniques to create the illusion of value and texture.  The students also created miniature versions of their animals for practice before Lisa Goesling came in to share her process and expertise with them.”  Students worked into their boards with Exacto knives, “transferring” the image by observation.  Ms. Bartlett also instructed the students on Lisa Goesling’s work and artist statement, so students were given a full picture of the artist’s perspective as well as a chance to try the technique themselves.

Sydney Wynter, 2017

These students range in age from fifteen to eighteen, and Ms. Bartlett shared that at least one of her students purchased more Ampersand board on her own because she enjoyed the project so much.

Each piece is listed by the artist and their tentative graduation date.

If you have students working on Ampersand panels, let us know.  We love to hear of your teaching projects and success stories.

All things Ampersand,
Karyn Meyer-Berthel
Artist & Social Media Specialist
Ampersand Art Supply

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Mary Kate Healey, 2017
Meghna Kumar, 2017
Mona Lisker, 2017
Melissa Martinez, 2014
Luz Mateos, 2017
Tess O’Brien, 2016
Yovany Perez, 2017 
Michelle Prochownik, 2017
Jackie Rilloraza, 2017

Caty Ruddle, 2017
Angela Ruiz, 2017
Maria Sardina, 2017
Kierstin Wohlgemuth, 2017

Skylar Russell, 2017

Missa Guss, 2017