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Silhouettes on Primed Smooth

Silhouettes on Primed Smooth

Ampersand Primed Smooth works great for making silhouette paintings of your family or friends. Its smooth surface means that you’ll have excellent control of both the drawing and the painting steps in this project. Also, because it is a rigid panel, you can frame it without a mat or glass when you’re done for a lasting keepsake!

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Featured Artist: Cynthia Mosser painting in Mixed Media

Fraternal Foliage, mixed media on encausticbord, 2011
Cynthia Mosser has been creating mixed media for a number of years. She has been drawn specifically to Encausticbord™ because its absorbent ground can handle the range and layering of mediums she uses  and because the cradled versions are ready for exhibition or sale without the need for additional framing. Cynthia says she also prefers the velvety surface of Encausticbord because she finishes her work in encaustic which not only requires a rigid support, but also a heat resistant substrate.
In this featured article on our Ampersand website, Cynthia shares her step by step painting process through a very detailed, movement-rich abstract piece.  Cynthia will walk you through creating one of her paintings, referring to the specific materials and tools she uses as well as sharing photos along the way.
To read more about Cynthia and see her process first hand: download the whole article

Or to see more of Cynthia’s own work and mixed media portfolio, check out her website:  http://www.cynthiamosser.com/

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