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Featured Artist: Susan Medyn


“I first became aware of Ampersand from bloggers I follow.  I read their glowing reviews and had to try it.  I love the forgiving nature of the surface and the ability to make works that literally sparkle on the board.  I have changed my style of painting since using Aquabord and this has opened a world of opportunities for me.”  ~Susan Medyn

Egyptian Jungle

New England artist, Susan Medyn began painting 36 years ago, when she was dating an artist and couldn’t keep away from the art materials.  Although she has formally trained as a therapist, Susan has taken numerous classes and workshops in painting over the years.  Mostly self taught, however, Susan has truly created a style all her own.  Her paintings are fantastical landscapes, plants and animals, telling a story in brilliant color and detail.

Gustave’s Reverie

Susan has only more recently found Ampersand and Aquabord™.  She has been painting her whimsical stories on heavy weight watercolor paper for years, but has been drawn to Aquabord for it’s unique abilities, to brighten hues and to hold up to layers and layers of working paint.  “Recently I have been using Aquabord for my more ambitious works, and I love the results. Aquabord makes a wonderful durable surface to paint on and I love being able to varnish my finished work,” Susan explains.  “My process remains the same in that I draw my paintings in pencil, make revisions as necessary, then outline my painting with a crow quill pen and indelible ink, because I like the definition of form that it provides.  I think paint my picture often using a rich and bright color palette.  I feel that I am always learning and my early works on Aquabord had a much more reserved feel to them than my current works.”

Rebirth of Venus

Susan’s advice for art beginners are words that she lives by, reflected in her work and her blog.  “Work as hard as you can.  Do what you love.  Don’t be afraid to experiment, create everyday, push your limits, take time to reflect and evaluate.  Your goals and your abilities may not be in sync for quite a while, but be kind to yourself and keep on working.  Listen to advice from other artists, keep what feels right for you and store what doesn’t.  Take classes, play, listen to your creative spirit, spend time in museums, think outside the box, learn the language of art.”

I like it That Way

There are a lot of international opportunities to see Susan’s work this fall, winter and on into 2014.  She will be exhibiting at the Attleboro Art Museum in Attleboro, MA and at the Fall River Historical Association in November.  Starting in November and going through February, Susan’s work will be in the Sian Group Exhibition in Bucharest and Jassy, Romania.  More details and all of her exhibitions can be found on her blog:  susanmedyn.com/exhibition-record.

All things Ampersand,
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