Technically speaking

Given the plethora of engineered wood, from laminated materials such as plywood to natural wood pulp fiber panels such as hardboard and resin bonded medium-density fiberboards, it is important to understand the characteristics of these substrates and their suitability for your painting support.

Many artists ask about the differences between HDF (High-density fiberboard) and MDF (Medium-density fiberboard). We have compiled some information below that helps to explain these differences.

Artwork by Kylee Kryklund

The word "Masonite" is a brand name for hardboard. Ampersand uses a tempered hardboard as the base for its Museum Series panels. After extensive research and testing, we chose a hardboard that is made through the Wet/Dry method.


Ampersand's exclusive Archiva-Seal™ ensures paintings won’t yellow over time due to support-induced discoloration. Learn why this critical process makes Ampersand panels the most-trusted surface among artists.