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Featured Artist: Trilby Wood

Award winning Atlanta artist, Trilby Wood is known for her portraits of children, painting hundreds of commissions in the last 25 years.  Her soft pastel work captures the beauty of the human face and the likeness of the subject, in moments of thoughtful joy and peacefulness.  Her skillful work shows years of watching faces and deep study in the medium of pastel.  It’s no wonder that Trilby’s work is in collections nationwide as well as numerous publications throughout the years.

Trilby has always been interested in drawing, seeking out classes at Traphagen School of Art when she was in grade school and continually studying drawing throughout high school and college, at Boston University and the University of Texas.  After taking a significant twenty year break from portraiture, Trilby found night classes in pastel in Houston to revive her love of the work.  She took the next few years to build clientele and do live portraits on the weekends before she felt confident to move to Atlanta and start a full time business as a portrait artist.  Trilby marketed herself through local arts and crafts shows, gaining work via word of mouth and building a thriving business.

Trilby’s glowing pastel work is often large scale, as many of her portraits are full length.  Before finding Pastelbord™, she was dry mounting her work, which is an unpredictable and time consuming process and is difficult to ship.  After finding Pastelbord through a art magazine, she was thrilled to work with an easy, already built product.  Not to mention, Trilby also found that her color was brighter and fresher.  

Since Trilby’s work is large scale, she is often ordering custom cut boards.  A careful drawing before she orders the Pastelbord allows her to be accurate with the custom sizes.  Trilby offers more advice for using larger Pastelbord panels, “If I am doing a large piece, after my first application of pastel, I will spread the color out and blend with a styrofoam peanut to get the surface covered.  Also, I have some strips of velcro attached to a masonite board that stays attached to my easel.  I attach a strip of velcro to the back of my Pastelbord so that my artwork is held firmly to the easel by the velcro.  This works great for me.  Lastly, I have found that if I have done something to disrupt the surface of the board, covering the area with Golden’s Acrylic Ground for Pastels easily solved my problem.”

Trilby’s busy schedule only allows for commissions right now, and there is a 2+ year waiting list.  Her most recent show is the Southeastern Pastel Society’s 16th International Juried Exhibition at Oglethorpe University’s Museum of Art, which included one of her portraits on the show invitation and catalogue.  The show runs through June 22, 2014.  You can also see more of Trilby’s work and proposition her for a piece via her website:  trilbywood.com

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