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Corgie, originally uploaded by Ampersand Art Supply.

Acrylic on Aquabord by Pat Weaver. With over 30 years experience painting in watercolor and teaching, Pat has an extensive portfolio in landscapes, florals and wildlife. Pat has written several books on watercolor and teaches around the country. To see more of her work or learn where you can take a workshop, log on to her website: http://patweaver.net/workshops.htm

“White Love”

White Love, originally uploaded by Ampersand Art Supply.

Work by Claire Kendrick, oil & encaustic on Encausticbord, 30″x 30″. You can see more of Claire’s work here as a featured artist on our blog: http://ampersandartsupply.blogspot.com/2013/03/featured-artist-claire-kendrick.html. Or, you can see work by Claire in her recent show at the Jacksonville International Airport: http://www.cjk-studio.com/2013/06/vilano-artist-claire-j-kendrick-showcases-paintings-at-jias-haskell-gallery/