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All Things Ampersand

Project: Pin-ups

Back in the days when I got dressed up for my day-jobs as an art professor, graphic designer and copywriter I was known for my arty, eye-catching pins – kind of like Madeleine Albright, though she wore hers with Hermes scarves and I wore mine with quirky jackets from the Army/Navy surplus store!

I’m now happily semi-retired. I ‘commute’ down the stairs to my studio to work and my wardrobe is shorts and a T-shirt in the summertime, turtleneck, and jeans in winter. The pins went into retirement, tucked away in a drawer.  Continue Reading >>

Project: Klimt-ify It!

I’ve always loved Gustaf Klimt’s paintings. They’re filled with elaborate patterns and endless tiny details, along with lots and lots and LOTS of gold! I thought it would be fun to design a panel that channels my own inner Klimt. I hope you’ll join me.

I started with a 12” x 16 Unprimed Basswood Artist Panel from Ampersand Art Supply. Instead of a painting, I created a collage using torn papers, outline butterfly and leaf peel-offs, iridescent Mylar (Shimmer Sheetz), glittery stickers, leafy branch stickers, and pens – Gold, of course, plus black and white. And for the large gold circles, I incorporated dollar store bangles!
Continue Reading >>

Project: Make It Count

Though I taught drawing at The Corcoran College of Art and Design for many years, sometimes I just don’t feel like drawing. That’s when I reach for stencils. The same thought process applies: A basic idea for the outcome, a substrate, a color palette. I guess you could think of it as drawing with stencils instead of drawing with a pen or pencil.

I thought it would be fun to create a landscape but giving it a surprise twist. Initially, I thought that an oversized flower would be fun, but that seemed too obvious, so I went in a different direction. Continue Reading >>

Mounting Photographs to Ampersand Panels and Finishing with a Floaterframe!

Did you know that Ampersand panels are great for mounting photographs?  And when you match that with one of our new floaterframes you have a BEAUTIFUL presentation that makes a wonderful gift for that special someone. How cool is that? Continue Reading >>

John Cruz – Searching for the Emotional Connection

It’s hard not to get swept up in the work of Austin, Texas artist John Cruz. His paintings are at once recognizable and yet abstracted. Not only abstract in the customary execution, but also in the range of feelings that his imagery evokes. His subjects are identifiable – bokeh’ed representations of simple scenes and objects laced with pop-art sensibility. John looks for instantly relatable common themes and extorts their social commentary while shading them with a bit of humor. Ultimately, the subjects in his paintings take a backseat to the emotions they conjure up, which is exactly what he strives for. Continue Reading >>