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Featured Artist: Valerie Allen

Valerie’s photo entry in our contest

We held our first photo contest on Facebook this spring asking for artists to submit shots of their studio with their Ampersand panels in clear view.  Out of the entries, we selected three winners to share with you in our blog.  Over the coming months, you’ll get to know those artists and their Ampersand studios a bit better.

Athena’s Timeline:  The Prelude, Mixed Media on Claybord
Detail of Athena’s Timeline Illuminated

Michigan artist, Valerie Allen, has always known she was an artist.  She was the go-to person in high school for anything art, always working on projects and commitments.  “I remember begging my dad to drive me to an art contest 2 hours away — definitely a long shot — he missed his favorite grouse hunting day.  Lucky for me– my persistence paid off with me winning the grand prize.  He always remembered that day with a smile.  The country girl showing the city folks a thing or two about design!”  Her persistence as an artist has continued to pay off, as she is an award winning exhibitor and instructor.  As an educator for many universities throughout her career and ongoing with the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art and the Golden working Artist program, Valerie has  a lot to share with her students about good materials.  

Valerie has always been attracted to a range of mediums.  She found that her love of art history and process enlightened her on the range of mediums and the artists that used them.  Naturally her experimentation followed the artists that attracted her:  Van Gogh, Picasso, Rauschenberg, moving through oils, ceramics, lithography and encaustic.  With her move into the Golden Working Artist’s Program, Valerie has concentrated on encaustic and acrylic, both which do quite well on Ampersand panels.

Valerie came to find Ampersand Claybord™ through a colleague and artist, Armin Mersmann.  He hired her for instruction at the Alden B. Down Museum of Science and Art.  A lovely bonus came from their working relationship as Valerie and Armin have been married now for ten years.  

“I find Ampersand to be such a versatile support for my work.  I use it for my acrylics that are layered with thick gels and pastels.  I also use it to mount my encaustic monotypes.  I really appreciate the archival qualities of the boards.  When I sell artwork on Ampersand, I know with confidence it will stand the test of time in any setting,” Valerie explains.  

To see more of Valerie’s work or her schedule for the Golden Working Artist Program, check out her website:  valerieallen.artroof.com

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