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All Things Ampersand

Ampersand 101: Claybord

Welcome to the fourth installment in our continuing series of “101” features on Ampersand Bords. Many artists are just now discovering our panels and this back-to-basics series is designed to help distinguish between our different surfaces, and to provide a review for the Ampersand veterans. In this article, we are going to look at our signature (and very first) product – Claybord. Continue Reading >>

John Cruz – Searching for the Emotional Connection

It’s hard not to get swept up in the work of Austin, Texas artist John Cruz. His paintings are at once recognizable and yet abstracted. Not only abstract in the customary execution, but also in the range of feelings that his imagery evokes. His subjects are identifiable – bokeh’ed representations of simple scenes and objects laced with pop-art sensibility. John looks for instantly relatable common themes and extorts their social commentary while shading them with a bit of humor. Ultimately, the subjects in his paintings take a backseat to the emotions they conjure up, which is exactly what he strives for. Continue Reading >>

Ampersand 101: Unprimed Basswood Panels

For our third installment in our series of “101” articles about Ampersand “bords,” we are going to look at our most popular Value Series panel, The Artist Panel – Unprimed Basswood.  With so many new artists discovering and using our wood painting panels, the back-to-basics Ampersand 101 series is designed to introduce and explain the features and benefits of our different panels. But even if you are a seasoned Ampersand veteran, you will find information in these articles to inspire and hopefully encourage you to try or revisit a panel that you don’t normally use.

There is a plethora of raw wood panels on the market these days. In fact, the market has grown so much since Ampersand’s first commercial panel, that many manufacturers, large retailers, and distributors who were not in the panel business have introduced their own raw wood panels. Unfortunately, most of these panels are rough, poorly made, and contain inconsistencies that can ultimately compromise your artwork.

Continue Reading >>

Jodi Ohl and the Power of Positivity in Art (and in Life!)

When I first met Jodi, two things stood out. The first was her energy and her drive. It seems she was doing a hundred things all at once – teaching, creating art, publishing a book, writing blog articles. The second – and perhaps more significant – was her demeanor. To quote a song by REM, Jodi is a “shiny, happy person.” Her confidence and joy exudes from every pore of her being.

That joy is reflected in her art. Whether she is painting whimsical houses, joyful birds or practicing her Zen painting style, there is a positivity and playfulness that is very evident. Continue Reading >>

Ampersand 101: Gessobord

Welcome to the second installment in our series of “101” articles about Ampersand Bords.  With many new artists beginning to use our panels, this back-to-basics series will help to introduce and distinguish between our different surfaces, as well as provide a refresher course to you Ampersand veterans. In this article, we are going to look at our most popular product – Gessobord. Continue Reading >>